If I Were President

? Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and George W. Bush are all past presidents that have changed our country. If I were president I would change the taxing system, propose the idea of treating animals better, and try to change immigration laws.
In a presidential position, I would use all of my potential to change the taxing system. I would propose the idea to Congress about using percents. Using percent is another way of taxing. It simply is just taking a percent out of a paycheck of everyone. This will make taxes more unbiased an equal. Another thing I would do is add deductions of taxes. In my opinion using deductions of taxes for honorable charity work is a favorable thing to do. It would push every day petty people to make a difference in their community. In addition, I would make the taxing process more efficient. The taxing system we have now is very unending and puzzling. It obviously needs reconstruction.
Secondly, testing products on animals is dreadful in my opinion. I would submit a law about the respect of animals in testing labs. One statistic according to charge.org is that a hundred million animals including monkeys, chimpanzees, dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, birds, farming animals, and other sentient beings are tested on and often killed each year in the United States. That means the eleven thousand, four hundred fifteen animals are being held captive and often killed hour. The law I would submit is one about if the product is certainly dangerous to not use it on animals, and to do everything in your power to keep them alive. Another thing I would submit is about how zoos could only have so many animals under captivity. The rest should be released into the wild or put in the wildlife refuge. Plus, the zoo animals should be cared for with luxury. Lastly, conserving too many animals like cats or dogs would be a law I would try to make. The laws we have now are not adequate and are rarely enforced.
As president I would change immigration laws..