How to Make the Perfect Party Dip

How to make The Best Party Dip Ever
Americans love to dip, vegetables, chips, crackers, bread, and yes even their fingers. Now, don’t act surprised or repulsed because we both know you have dipped your own finger into many things and with great excitement, opened wide and licked the dip from your finger. I would even bet that, you are a double dipper. We have all done it, at least if no one is looking. This love of dips has been going on for decades. I have achieved what many have deemed, The Best Party Dip Ever. It was voted this at a “Bring Your Best Dip Party.” I call it Olive Dip, but that doesn’t really do it any justice at all. This dip is a blend of several flavors, olive being only one of them. I hope to give you a little history of my dip, its evolution, a list of the needed ingredients, an outline of the items you will need for the preparation, directions on the preparation of the dip and its accompaniment including presentation suggestions.
I don’t know when the first dip was created or who created it. I do know in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s chips and dip was the “In” item for party menus, gift ideas and hors d’oeuvre tables across our country. It was during that time that our family’s olive dip first got its origins. Like many initial creations, over time adaptation takes place. Many years later there have been so many changes, you don’t necessarily remember the original version. This is somewhat true with my olive dip. I do remember fondly the original version, but no one seems to enjoy it any longer. Once they have experienced the new and improved version, they all prefer it.
Today, dips are still a given and sought after item on party menus and hors d’oeuvre tables. French onion dip was the dip of the day, for many years. Ranch dip is the most common dip today. I hope you will find my olive dip, an exciting and different alternative. It is a tantalizing textural explosion for your pallet. It is light and fluffy, but.