How to Change the Development Mode of Mining Industry?

With the development of green economy and high technology, as a machinery manufacturer , you should not stick to the traditional concept, only by changing the development mode, then can you occupy the market. However , how to change the development mode ? How to get out of this situation is the question that all the enterprises should think twice. Fote will show you some efficient methods.In 2012, the whole machinery industry has a sluggish phenomenon; the market prospect is also confusing. FOTE thinks that the manufacturers of crushing equipment should adjust the economic structure and transform the development mode at this stage. The domestic manufacture of crusher equipment does not attach enough importance to the product quality, they join the market competition depend on the low cost and low price.The developing direction of jaw crusher is high technology, high quality and green energy. FOTE thinks that the enterprises should have an earlier understanding on the structure adjustment. Only by adjusting the industry structure can we survive longer. FOTE continuously innovates and improves the product structure and brings in a new type of high efficiency jaw crusher.New energy-saving PE series jaw crusher can complement with PEX series fine jaw-crushing machine from discharge particle size and production capacity. It can meet the customer requirements on the quality and efficiency, which also achieves good results in 20,000 tons/day of limestone production line and 300 tons/hour of sand making production line.As a manufacturer of crushing equipment, FOTE also faces the same situation. But the improvement of the product quality is the most important thing to get out of the period of economic downturn. Facing the fierce competition of this industry, the company should reduce the internal friction and avoid the price war. We also should put our attention on improving the quality and performance of the product.Located in the High & New Technology Industries.