High School Graduate

I am proud to say that I was the first high school graduate in my family. Since my brother decided he no longer wanted to go to school and dropped out his senior year of high school. My brother was always thought to be responsible, mature and bright; no one expected him to walk away. On the other hand I was a social butterfly, Hyperactive and could care less about my future. My mom had already assumed that I would not graduate from high school, since I was too preoccupied with my social life. When a situation became too difficult my first instinct was to walk away; however, the day I walked into Mr. Smiths English class my attitude toward my education changed forever. He gave me the confidence to face my fear of failure, and motivated me to persevere. Mr. Smith he has completely transformed my perception on education. He inspired me to believe in my self, and unlock my full potential.
English has never been my strongest subject in school, but I would always manage to get by. When my senior year in high school came around I was attending my third high school; moving all the time really affected my grades. The first day of school I sat down with my counselor, and he began to go over my previous classes, grades, and credits that I had accumulated over the years. He looked up at me and said, “you failed junior English; without passing junior English you will not graduate.” I felt like a failure, I had been slacking off throughout all my high school years and not realizing it. Senior year was around the corner, and I was disappointed in myself. The thought of graduating felt unachievable and impossible. The counselor gave me some hope he said, ‘’ you can still graduate, but you have to work hard.”I decided to take his advice, and we worked out a plan.
I spent all summer vacation in summer school; determined to pass my classes, and I did. The first day of school; I picked up my schedule and I took a look at it. I had two English classes Senior English and junior.