Health Insurance – Paper

Health Insurance

|What is health insurance? |Health Insurance is required to ensure coverage for expenses incurred |
| |in possible medical treatment. Depending on the policy specifics this |
| |could cover- Consultation fees, Operating Charges, Medicine costs, |
| |Diagnostic Tests charges, Hospitalization charges etc |
|Why health insurance? |If you thought an apple a day will keep the doctor away, think again. |
| |It may have held true in the past, but today, with changing |
| |lifestyles, food habits and, therefore, nature of diseases, it would |
| |be foolhardy to count your health insurance costs in the price of |
| |apples. You may have not realised it yet, but insurance companies |
| |have. |
|Types of health insurance? |1. Individual health plan |
| |2. Family floater plan |
| |3. Senior Citizens’ plan |
| |4. Critical illness.

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