Hcs 325 Roles and Functions

Roles and Functions
A healthcare manager has a variety of important roles and functions that they must follow. One of the most important roles they have is on the technical side of doing the job they are in charge of. The operations necessary to be completed daily constantly change each day, as a representative of the company they perform roles that allow them to identify, understand, and respond to changes taking place within the organization. (Jansen 2000, Ross, Wenzel and Mitlying 2002).
A management role in the healthcare industry, there is no one specific function or role that is less important than the next. As a manager responsibility is wide, they are responsible for setting a good example for the other employees to follow (lead by example). Being there for your staff you are in charge, make sure their needs and concerns are taking care of, keeping an open door policy to address questions, following up on progress, continue to be encouraging and give advice if needed, and assist where needed are some of the major roles for a manager at all times.
The patients go through enough worrying about whether the insurance company they have will cover the medical service they are seeking. The patient also has concerns about the care they receive at the facility, is the main concern of the patient that the manager has to worry about. The manager has to ensure that the patient is getting the proper care that is needed, being treated with respect, and getting the proper privacy.
As a healthcare manager the job comes with other responsibilities and functions that they must work with. Here is a list of other functions, A) planning, B) organizing, C) staffing, D) evaluating, E) good communication skills, and F) financing.
My goal in is to develop the necessary skills and knowledge that it takes to be a healthcare manager, I know that with this class and future courses will help me down that path of success. Even though this is only week, one I am gaining a little.