Good Will Hunting Movie Review

Major Characters

Will HuntingMatt Damon A troubled young janitor from Boston who is both an orphan and an amazing genius with a photographic memory.Gerald LambeauStellan Skarsgard An extremely intelligent Math professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) who discovers how brilliant Will really is.Sean MaGuireRobin Williams A psychologist and old friend of Lambeau who agrees to try and help Will.Chuckie.Ben Affleck Will’s best friend from childhood, who pushes him to use his genius to get a better life.Skylar.Minnie Driver A British science student at Harvard University who falls in love with Will.Morgan.Casey Affleck A good friend of Will and Chuckie.BillyCole Hauser Another good friend of Will and Chuckie.

Plot Summary

Will Hunting is a 20 year old Boston janitor who works cleaning classrooms at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, one of the best and most famous universities in the world. He is an orphan who grew up in various foster homes, where he had been physically abused as a child. He is also an extraordinary mathematical genius with a photographic memory, who likes to solve math problems that an MIT professor writes on a hallway chalkboard. For the students, these problems are too difficult to solve, but for Will, they’re easy!One day, Professor Lambeau sees Will writing the answer to a problem on the chalkboard, but Will runs away before they can talk. Lambeau soon discovers many disturbing things about Will, including the fact that he is stuck in jail for having just physically attacked someone who had beaten him up many years earlier. Lambeau arranges with a judge to keep Will out of jail, as long as Will agrees to work on mathematical problems and to get psychological help. Will agrees to these conditions.Will is too difficult a patient for the various psychologists that Lambeau asks to help, but eventually Lambeau goes to his old friend Sean MaGuire, who is teaching psychology at a local community collage. Sean has many of his own problems to face, including the fact that his wife of 17 years had recently died from cancer. Still, he agrees to work with Will, and while the relationship is extremely difficult and emotionally explosive, Sean sticks with it because he is convinced he can help Will find some stability and happiness.Over the next few months, Will becomes romantically involved with Skyler, a British student at Harvard University who has decided to go Medical School at Stanford University in California. Skyler falls in love with Will, and wants him to go with her to California, but Will is probably too scared to become so emotionally close to another person, or too scared to even leave Boston. In the end, Lambeau simply wants Will to get a job where he would use his amazing mathematical intelligence, and even Chuckie wants Will to find a life for himself that is far from the difficult working class lives that they both have now. Ultimately though, it is Sean who patiently gives Will the courage and direction he really needs to move on with his life.

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Words and Expressions that You may not Know

Will passes time with his old childhood friends, by drinking, working and solving mathematical equations that no one else on earth can.I know many of you had this as undergraduates.

In American universities, education is divided into “undergraduate,” which is usually when students work on Bachelor’s degrees, and graduate, where they work on advanced degrees such as a the Ph.D.It won’t hurt to brush up.

A nice little phrasal verb meaning to review, or study something again.Chalkboard The green board used by teachers to write notes for the class.The person to do so.will be in my good graces.

An old fashioned but pretty way of saying that “I will be very appreciative to this person.””The auspicious MIT Tech.” Probably a reference to a school newspaper. MIT (pronounced M-I-T) stands for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is considered one of the finest universities in the country. It is located close to Harvard University, which many consider the best university in the world. “Auspicious” is an interesting adjective implying good fortune in the future. Nobel laureates, Fields Medal winners, renowned Astrophysicists. The first refers to those who have won the world famous Nobel Prizes. The Fields Medal is a great prize for mathematicians that Lambeau has won, although I have never heard of it myself. “Renowned” is a useful adjective meaning prominent or widely respected. Astro-physicists (like Einstein) study the laws of the universe..and lowly MIT professors An excellent adjective meaning humble or unimportant, and often used in a sarcastic (joking) manner when referring to oneself.Fuck you, and your Irish curse.

A “curse” is considered a spell of bad luck placed on a person by a witch or some other powerful person. Like I’d waste my energy spreading my legs for that Tootsie Roll Dick? Go home and give it a tug yourself! Note the use of like at the beginning of sentences, used (and overused!) by many young people for as if. The rest of the sentence is a crude sexual insult, since a tootise roll is a small piece of well known candy, and a dick is very common for penis. To tug means to pull, and thus the last sentence implies go home and masturbate. It’s like five to two Morgan ends up marrying her. A common way of suggesting the odds of something happening if you wanted to bet on it (ie.A race horse may be “3 to 1”).There’s only so many times you can bang your friend’s future wife “To bang” someone is an old-fashioned and silly verb meaning to have sex with. I’m going to take off.

An excellent phrasal verb meaning to leave. Use it!Stop brushing me back.

Another way of saying to force back.Stop crowding the plate! A reference to home plate, which is where a batter stands in the game of baseball.Hey, what’s up? You still tough? Come on! Two of the greatest phrasal verbs in English. “What’s up? is a standard way to greet someone, and essentially means what’s new in your life?” “Come on” is the most versatile phrasal verb in English, and can mean everything from “stop lying” to “hurry up,” or as in this case, “show me you can do it.”Theorem. An important word in mathematics meaning a belief (or “hypothesis” ), which can be proved by logic.Who’s the girl with the striped pants? She’s got a nice ass.

“Striped” is a useful adjective referring to a pattern of rows, often on clothes (or Zebras!) The second sentence is a compliment, though a bit forward. An “ass,” as you know, is a butt or rear end.I hate that little bitch.

A crude but common term, usually used for an unpleasant or mean women. Interestingly, used here and throughout this movie in reference to men(!). Perhaps common in Boston, though I had never heard it used this way myself.That kid used to beat the shit out of me in kindergarten.

“To beat the shit out of someone” is a vulgar way of saying beat up, or physically attack. “Kindergarten” is preschool for 3-5 year old children.It’s 15 minutes out of our way.

A very useful expression meaning in a different direction from where we are going. Often, people argue whether it is worth going to a place if it’s considered too far out of the way.Would you shut the fuck up? A delightful use of “fuck” as a noun, added for emotional flavor. Very vulgar, but common (Note the use of “fucking” as an adjective throughout the movie, as in “my fucking sandwich”).Stop being a prick.

Very vulgar. Could mean literally a penis, but more generally, used for a jerk or ass.We’ll put your fucking sandwich on layaway.

A financial expression meaning to pay for something each month over an extended period of time.I think you should establish a good line of credit.

Access to money, often through a bank loan. A good line of credit is the goal of every good middle class American.Hold up, Chuck. In this case, meaning stay, or slow down.So without further ado. A fancy way to say Without speaking more. during a speechCome forward, silent rogue, and receive thy prize. A rogue is an educated word for an unprincipled person who behaves badly. Thy is used only poetically, or in a speech such as this, since it is old Shakespearean English for your.The gauntlet has been thrown down. Another poetic way to say the challenge has been made (or accepted). A gauntlet is, curiously, a glove used in medieval times, and is almost always never used today except in this expression. Will loses his job as a janitor, but at a local bar for Harvard students, he shows who is smart enough to get the girl.Arraignment. A legal term for a hearing at a court where a person is officially charged with committing a crime. Graffiti. Writing on building walls. A very important word in many neighborhoods! Hey, fuck you! In case you didn’t know, the most common direct obscenity in all of English.Oh, you’re a clever one. A nice little word for smart, or possibly creative.How hard is it to push a motherfucking broom around? The object used to sweep floors. Note that the obscene adjective before broom is extremely vulgar, but not that uncommon among certain types of people.I got fired because management was restructuring.

To fire someone is to tell someone they can no longer work at the job they had. Restructuring has become a common word in this context, meaning that the company has reorganized itself, often firing workers in the process.Retards. A crude abbreviation for retarded, referring to mentally handicapped people with very low intelligence.You get canned more than tuna, bitch. A semi-clever play on words. Canned means to be laid-off or fired from a job, and of course, to be literally put in cans.I though there would be equations and shit on the walls. Mathematical formulas. I will take a pitcher of the finest lager in the house.

A pitcher is a container for pouring liquids. Lager is a word for good beer, and here, the house refers to the bar in which it is said.Do you ladiescome here often? A ridiculous, but in fact, very common way to introduce oneself at a bar or other place where people come to socialize.It must have been a survey course. Note the grammatical construction for a logical deduction in the past (Must+have+been, though pronounced by Chuckie as musta’ been.”). A “survey course” is an introductory class.I found the classelementary.

One way to say simple, or too easy.It was just between recess and lunch. A term used in elementary schools for the time period when students can go out and play in the school yard.I was hoping you can give me some insight into the evolution of the market economy of the Southern economies. “Insight” is a nice word for intelligent observations, or analysis.Of course, that’s your contention.

A good word for belief, or claim.Hang on a second. A good way to slow somebody down when you need time to think, or as here, when you object to what someone is saying.That’s going to last until next year, when you’re going to be in here regurgitating Gordon Wood. To regurgitate is a great verb meaning to spit back out, used for both food and ideas. Wood, Garrison and Vickers are the names of history writers that appear in the dialog about this point in the film.You going to plagiarize the whole thing for us? To plagiarize is a powerful verb meaning to copy or steal another person’s writing or other artistic expression.Do you have any thoughts on this that your thing? A colloquial way to ask “Is this what you enjoy?”You dropped 150 grand on a fucking education you could have gotten for $1.50 in late charges at the public library This is one of Will’s great lines. A grand is $1,000. It’s cool.

A critical, great colloquial adjective. Used to mean fun, nice, enjoyable, or as here, “not a problem.”My boy is wicked smart! An interesting adjective that most often simply means evil, although here it is used as an adverb to mean extremely! The heavy-set girl said I have a receding hairline.

“Heavy-set” is a somewhat proper way to say overweight, heavy or possibly big-boned. A “receding hairline” refers to a growing loss of hair above the forehead. I was, like, “go fuck yourself!” A grammatically pointless word that is extremely common among many people, especially when used with the verb “to be.” Be aware of it, but avoid using it too often.You’re an idiot.

A very common noun for a stupid or ridiculous person.That guy over there.the Michael Bolton clone.

An interesting and useful word from biology which describes someone that looks or behaves exactly like someone else. Michael Bolton is a famous singer.Maybe we could just get together and eat a bunch of caramels.

To get together is an excellent phrasal verb meaning to meet and/or spend time together. Caramels are delicious little candies.It’s as arbitrary as drinking coffee. This is an excellent word meaning “determined by whim or personal desire, and not by law or principle.” Well, I got her number! How do you like them apples?! A wonderful but very old-fashioned expression in the form of a question, which is used when you expect the listener to be surprised or angry or perhaps amazed. Professor Lambeau discovers Will Hunting, and decides to save him and his brain for humanity.He’s about this high. When used with hand gestures, an effective way to describe the height of somebody.He didn’t show for work today. Usually, one would say “show up,” but there it is!Parole officer. When a person is released from jail “on parole,” they are allowed to stay free so long as they follow certain rules set by a judge. A “parole officer” makes sure the released prisoner follows those rules.There is a very lengthy precedent, your honor, going back to 1789. In law, a “precedent” refers to a legal opinion that was written in the past that is still considered correct. “Your honor” is the one and only way you should address a judge while in court. Beecher says.and I quote.

“To quote” is the verb to use when you are using other people’s exact words.You’re making a mockery of the court here! “To make a mockery” of something is to make fun of it.Libertyis the soul’s right to breath This is Will’s very poetic legal philosophy. The “soul” is the spiritual part of a person’s life.I’ve been lookingat this rap sheet of yours. A “rap sheet” is a colloquial term for a person’s official criminal record.Assault. Grand theft auto. Legal terms for physically attacking someone, and stealing a car. I’m also aware that you’ve been through several foster homes.

Homes where kids are raised temporarily if they are orphans, or if their own parents have been abusing them. On occasion, foster parents will legally adopt the children in their care.Motion to dismiss is denied. This is an expression heard in court, and is basically an official request to stop a legal action against a person.$50,000 bail.

Bail is a critical word for those with serious legal problems. It is the money that a person accused of a crime needs to pay the court in order to be released from jail, until a trial has taken place.Good-looking. The simplest and most common way of saying handsome or pretty.It’s the ugly, obnoxious toothless loser who got hammered. “Obnoxious” is an excellent adjective meaning disagreeable or unpleasant (or possibly just loud). If someone gets “hammered,” they are usually getting drunk.This is just a shot in the dark.

.that you’re pre-law.

A shot in the dark is a nice expression meaning a wild guess. Students who are pre-law take classes to prepare them for law school.What the fuck do you want? Grammatically pointless, and yet there it is, with amazing frequency! Added for effect, in this case to express anger.He’s agreed to release you, under my supervision.

Used in cases like this to mean “personal responsibility”Combinatory mathematics. Finite math. Lambeau’s specializations. I imagine it’s all very difficult!Sounds like a real hoot.

A “hoot” is literally the cry that an owl makes, but it has come to mean something that is fun. It is very often used sarcastically, as here, and thus this is in fact Will’s way of saying that it does not sound fun at all!Therapist. This is a very common and official word for a psychologist.No more shenanigans.tomfoolery.ballyhoo. Three words that essentially mean nonsense or ridiculous behavior, but none of them are that common.You’re not going to get off that easily! You can obviously “get off a bus,” but this wonderful and versatile phrasal verb has several other meanings, including, as in this case, to be allowed to continue without restriction or punishment. “To get away” with something has the same meaning.Bomp bomp bomp.boom boom boom. The words to imitate various sounds, from drums or other musical instruments to objects falling on the floor.Do you find it hard to hide the fact that you’re gay? The one word to use for homosexual. Very common.Look buddy, two seconds ago you were ready to give me a jump. Buddy is an old word for friend, but is often used today with sarcasm and anger (Give me a jump is Will’s way of saying “a sexual advance,” but I’ve never heard it before).I don’t care if you putt from the rough.

A curious golfing term that Will uses to refer to homosexual activity. Funny in context, but a stupid and useless expression.What in the heck are you talking about? Will would have said “What the fuck.?” Most young people will compromise and say “What the hell.?” / “What the heck.?” is very old-fashioned and conservative, as is the use of the preposition “in” preceding it. If you want to add emotion, stick with “what the hell.?”A theorem.can be very erotic.

An important word for sexy, or perhaps sensual or mysterious.I can’t do this pro bono work anymore. A legal (and Latin) expression meaning for free.That raving loony in there Someone who is raving is shouting or screaming wildly. Loony is a slangy word for a lunatic, which itself is a word for a crazy person. It’s a’s hovering over me. To hover means to float in the air, as in what helicopters can do.It’s touching me down there.

Often the way little kids refer to their sexual organs.Jesus. Yes, him, of course, but put here to show you how often the name is used to simply express anger, joy, disgust, surprise, etc.For God’s sake, Will. Another religious expression, usually placed at the beginning of a sentence to express anger. A little old-fashioned.You can’t pin that on me! “To pin” something on someone is to blame them for it.In a clinical situation.

Used to describe when psychologists are working with patients.A breakthrough.

An important word meaning a great amount of progress, often coming suddenly or unexpectedly.Oral fixation. A reference to Sigmund Freud’s theory of sexual development, specifically the phase when children are obsessed with their mouths.Wow, that’s very deep. A funny and sarcastic line. “Wow” is used often at the beginning of sentences to express surprise. If something is “deep” in a philosophical sense, it is important or insightful.Nail them while they’re vulnerable.

To nail someone can colloquially mean to attack. Vulnerable is an excellent word meaning weak or fragile, or easily open to attack. That’s my motto.

A “motto” is a brief expression that describes a person’s or organization’s general goal or belief.Why didn’t you come to the reunion? A reunion is a party for people who attended the same school, often years or decades before.Come on, submit! A very official way to say surrender, or give up.Leniency. To be lenient is to be forgiving, or perhaps liberal. Leniency is the noun.I got probation.

When a person in prison gets out on probation, this means they are released, but only so long as they follow rules set by a judge.You’re a real smoothie.

Someone who speaks “smoothly” is a person who can convince another person to accept their side of a story, and thus a “smoothie” is a persuasive or perhaps charming person.Ramnujan. A famous 19th century Indian mathematician who, like Will, was never formally educated, but was an amazing genius.He was able to extrapolate theories that had baffled mathematicians. “To extrapolate” means to infer or figure out logically. “To baffle” is an excellent verb meaning to intellectually frustrate.His genius was unparalleled.

Without comparison, or unique.I need someone who can get through to him. “To get through” to someone is to truly communicate with, or possibly, to reach them in some sort of emotional way.He’s from Southie? The name of the working class neighborhood in Southern Boston where both Will and Sean were raised.How many shrinks did you go to before me? A great colloquial word for a psychologist. Perhaps from the fact that psychologists are thought to shrink heads. Sean and Skyler enter Will’s life.I’m pumped! Let the healing begin! Pumped is a very colloquial way of saying excited. Note that to heal is simply to get better, either physically, or in this case, psychologically.You buy all these books retail or do you send away for a shrink kit.? Retail is what is for sale to customers at a store, as opposed to wholesale, where stores themselves buy the product at a cheaper price. A kit is a box or container with useful goods inside.Read Howard Zinn’s “People’s History of the United States—that book will fucking knock you on your ass.

To knock someone on their ass can be a crude and colloquial way to say amaze or shock them. The book in question tells the history of the United States from the perspective of workers, poor people and various minorities. Highly recommended!Better than Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent?” A reference to Noam Chomsky, the MIT Professor who is the most famous linguist in the world and a well known political radical. “Manufacturing Consent” is Chomsky’s book on how the media manipulates public opinion. Also highly recommended!Hey, whatever blows your hair back. Will’s version of “whatever gets you through the night,” which basically expresses the opinion that you should do what you want as long as you’re not hurting others.You’d be better shoving that cigarette up your ass. A crude comment on cigarettes and health, put here to show you that “shove” is a somewhat more forceful verb than push.Do you work out? The critical phrasal verb for “exercise,” often used for lifting weights, but also just for running.Sculpt. The verb for carving rock into statues, as Rodin did.It’s a real piece of shit.

A very crude and direct way of describing anything.It’s a very muddled’s also a Winslow Homer rip-off.

Muddled means unclear, or perhaps confused. To rip off someone means to cheat them, as in charging them too much money, but when used as a noun, it is an excellent way of describing a fake version or poor imitation. In this case, of a painting by Winslow Homer.It’s painting by numbers.

A reference to those books that allow children to draw by tracing their pencils from one number to the next on a page.You’re one step away from cutting your fucking ear off. A reference to the Dutch artist VanGogh, who cut off his own ear.Any port in a storm. A nice expression meaning you should use any available help when you are in a lot of trouble.The oars are about to snap.

Oars are wooden tools used to help steer a canoe or other small boat. To snap is a dramatic verb meaning to break.Bingo! A common colloquial way of saying exactly! Literally, a really stupid game in which people gamble on the numbers that a machine or wheel of fortune will choose for them.Watch it right there, chief.

Literally, the head of a Native American tribe. Used by Sean colloquially as a word for boss, or possibly friendTime’s up. The typical way a psychologist will end a session, and often considered a bit irritating by the patients who are paying over $100 an hour to talk!At ease, gentleman. A term used in the military for “relax.”You look lovely in those glasses. British English for “pretty.” Med school. Short, and common, for “Medical school.”I inherited the money. “To inherit” is the verb to use when you receive something from people who die, especially parents.Stanford. A very prestigious and famous University in California, near San Francisco (currently attended by Chelsea Clinton!)Anatomy class. Study of the human body.You need my wand.

The stick that witches wave for creating magic.I don’t really date, you know. To date is to go out with someone you like. A scary verb (and noun), which can be both romantic and dangerous.I was hoping to get goodnight laid, but I’ll settle for a kiss. “To get laid” is a very slangy and crude way to say to have sex. In more innocent times, boys just hoped for a goodnight kiss. “To settle for” something is to accept it, even though you want something better.How very noble of you. “Noble” is another way to say honorable. As Sean slowly wins Will’s trust, Skyler tries to win his heart.So what’s this? A “Taster’s Choice moment between guys? A very clever line, referring to a famous coffee commercial in which couples share romantic moments while drinking Taster’s Choice coffee.You got a thing for swans? A very slangy way to ask “Do you like swans?” Swans are the beautiful white birds found on certain park lakes.You don’t have the faintest idea what you’re talking about. A good little word meaning “slightest,” but note that it is only used in negative sentences.You’d give me the skinny on every art book ever written. A rare colloquial expression for briefly summarize.I ask you about love, you’d probably quote me a sonnet.

A type of romantic poem, often associated with Shakespeare.Visiting hours don’t apply to you. The time that hospitals let people visit patients.I see a cocky, scared shitless kid. Cocky means acting too confidently. Scared shitless, is a crude and colloquial way to say very scared.Does that encapsulate you? A fancy way to say describe, or perhaps summarize.Freak! A powerful word for a very strange or disturbing person.It was your mother’s 900 number.

Telephone numbers with the 900 prefix are often used for phone sex services.Why don’t we get off of mothers I just got off of yours. The complex beauty of phrasal verbs! In the first one, to get off of means to stop talking about (her), whereas in the second sentence, it is describing the physical act! Note that if the sentence had been I get off on your mother, that would have an even more sexual connotation!Nickel. As in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.Keep antagonizing me. To antagonize someone is to make them angry.What is this, some kind of staring contest? To stare is to look at something for an extended period of time. In a staring contest, two people often stare into each other’s eyes.We’ll be cruising at 35,000 feet. To cruise is to travel at a steady or consistent speed.You know, all I can use right now is a fucking blow job and a cup of coffee. A blow job is a very common term for oral sex performed on a man.It works better if I tell it in the first person.

Using I, as opposed to in the 3rd person, using he or she. People often prefer to tell jokes in the first person.I got laidbig time.

This implies either a lot, or possibly, with great success.So, call her up, Romeo.

Refers to Romeo of Romeo and Juliet, the very romantic play by Shakespeare.My wife used to fart when she was nervous. She had all sorts of wonderful idiosyncrasies.

To fart is the vulgar but necessary verb meaning to pass intestinal gas. You can just say pass gas. An idiosyncrasy is a word meaning the odd behavior of one particular person.And she had the goods on me. She knew all my peccadilloes.

The first sentence is a way of saying she knew all of my secrets. A peccadillo is an educated word meaning imperfection, or flaw.The only way you’re finding out that one is by giving it a shot. To give it a shot” is a common way to say “take a chance.”Even if I did know, I wouldn’t tell a piss ant like you. A sharp insult, meaning a little or cowardly person.Hence the word: Remarried. A great word meaning therefore, often used to show the logic behind a previous question or statement.I’m sorry, you know.I blew it.

“To blow it” is a wonderful and common colloquialism meaning to do something poorly, or in this case, to make a bad mistake. I was wondering.if you’d give me another crack at it.

Colloquial for another chance, or opportunity.Open toed sandals.

Casual shoes, which are very popular with old hippies.I totally won! Used for emphasis, but like like, overused and often grammatically pointless.I’m still glowing from my win. “To glow” is to shine or radiate.Do you still counsel veterans? “To counsel” is to advise, or in a psychological context, to treat. “Veterans” are those who have served in the military.It was game six of the World Series.

Biggest Game in Red Sox history. The championship games played at the end of every baseball season, and perhaps the most popular sporting event in the United States. The Red Sox are Boston’s baseball team.Bottom of the 8th. There are 9 innings, or periods of play, in baseball. The bottom of the 8th is near the end of the game.He steps up to the plate.

He’s got that weird stance.

“Home plate” is where the batter stands to bat in baseball, and a “weird stance” is a strange way of standing.Bam! High fly ball down the left field line! A great word to describe a dramatic sound, such as the noise of a bat hitting a ball!And he goes apeshit! A funny little vulgarity meaning crazy.Did you rush the field? In this case, to run in toward the field as fast as possible.You should have seen her.she was a stunner.

If someone looks “stunning,” they are extremely beautiful.I got to go see about a girl. A romantic line, with a classic Hollywood feel.They let you get away with that? “To get away with” something is to do something bad or illegal while escaping punishment or bad consequences.It would have been nice to catch the game. Used colloquially to mean “see.”Will I ever play in the NBA? The National Basketball Association.It’s kind of a hike. An interesting way of saying it’s pretty far from here.”If you’re not thinking of your wiener, then you’re acting directly on its behalf.

A “wiener” is a silly slang word for penis. “To act on behalf” of someone is to act for them, or with their permission.Hook. Dunk. These are two ways to shoot a basketball at the basket.I ever tell you what happened when he was driving up there and he got pulled over? “To be pulled over” is to be stopped while driving, usually by the police.He was bombed out of his tree, hammered out of his gourd. Very slangy ways to say “drunk.” A “gourd” is slang for head.A state trooper. A police officer who usually works on state highways.He gets out of the car, and pukes on the guy. “To puke” is an unpleasant little verb meaning to vomit, or throw up. The statie’s pretty sure he is over the legal limit.

Another way to say legally drunk. (Statie refers to the state trooper, but I suspect this word is not used outside of Boston).A huge fucking boom.

so he’s spooked.

A “boom” is another great word to describe a very loud sound. “Spooked” is a useful word for scared.You’re driving me nuts. You’re driving me crazy.”The next morning, my uncle is passed out.

To “pass out” is to faint or lose consciousness (often because of drugs or alcohol), but to be passed out is to be sleeping.I pulled you over and you fucking took off.

“To take off” is a very common and useful way to say leave.A police cruiser A police car.What the fuck is the point to your story? “Why are you telling me all of this?!”He got away.

“To get away” is to escape.Such a good looking fellow.

A British way to say “guy.”That was the most beautiful, earth shattering thing ever If something is earth shattering, it is extremely powerful. “To shatter” is to break into many pieces.Filthy. A stronger version of “dirty,” and often used to describe something sexual, such as a joke or movie.Take it easy, Bill Literally “relax,” but in fact, used quite often for “goodbye”!You don’t want to rush to judgment on that one This means to quickly decide what you think of something, often without reflecting seriously enough.You’re giving us a ride.

A critical noun, referring to the act of being driven in a car.You’re dropping me off first. To drop someone off’ is to leave them somewhere after giving them a ride.He knows once you see that little shithole, he’s getting dropped like a bad habit. A vulgar way to describe a small and ugly apartment or building. Note that a girl can drop a boy (decide not to see him), and a person can drop a habit (refuse to do it anymore). Lambeau and Sean debate Will’s future, and Skyler learns the awful truth about his past.Bullshit. A vulgar but absolutely critical word to describe what the speaker views as nonsense, lies, etc. “B.S.” is also quite useful.Put it on my tab.

A bill, usually at a bar, that is paid all at once after a period of time.What’s the jackpot? The money that is won in a lottery, often worth millions.We’re still banging away at the past. Here, to bang away is used to mean discuss endlessly.My phone has been ringing off the hook with job offers. If a phone is ringing off the hook, its getting lots of phone calls.The kind of place where a mind like Will’s is given free reign If you are given “free reign,” you have the opportunity to. do whatever you want.This boy has that gift.

He just hasn’t got the direction. If a person is gifted, he is extremely smart or talented.Michigan. Berkeley. Montana. Three places where Ted Kazyinski, the insane University professor known as the unabomber, was known to live.I’m not hatching a ruin this boy’s life. A chicken hatches an egg, and if you hatch a plan, you are simply trying to create or formulate an idea.Why don’t we give him time to figure out what he wants? “To figure something out” is an excellent phrasal verb meaning to learn, discover or solve.You arrogant fucking prick! A sharp insult. “Arrogant” is a combination of snobby and too confident. A “prick” is vulgar for penis, but is used colloquially to mean jerk or ass.I wanted to keep you in the loop.

A “loop” is literally a string that is joined at the ends to form a closed circle. To be “in the loop” is to be informed about what is happening in a given situation.Nobody in this town works without a retainer.

A “retainer” is money paid that is used to keep open an opportunity to employ someone or buy something later.After the shit you tried to pull today, you can bet that I’ll be looking into you! To pull something over on someone is to try to do something improper, or in a secret way. Remember that to pull off something can also mean to achieve.Keep your ear to the grindstone. An old fashioned way of saying keep listening for news.Give me one little peek and we’ll go to the batting cages.

A “peek” is a quick look, often done secretly. “Batting cages” are where you go to practice hitting baseballs.Seeing as you are intent on breaking my balls, let me ask you a question. A grammatically interesting use of the (elliptical) progressive tense at the beginning of a sentence. “To break someone’s balls is a somewhat vulgar way to say to exhaust or humiliate them.Organic chemistry. An extremely difficult area of science. Organic means living.Yeah, for kicks.

To do something for kicks is to do it just for fun.Are you mad? Mad usually means angry, but it is also used to mean crazy, as in this case.No, I can’t play a lick.

When referring to musical instruments, it means a single note.I probably can’t hit the ball out of Fenway.

The name of the much loved baseball stadium in Boston.And now I’m stuck in California with someone.who wishes they had a takeback.

A word created by Will to mean something that you wish you could “take back,” or undo, that was done in the past.You just want to have your fling with the guy. A “fling” is a good word for a brief affair or sexual relationship.And you’ll just sit around.with the other trust-fund babies, and talk about how you went slumming, too. A trust-fund is money put into an account by one person for another, often by rich parents for their kids. A slum is a poor area of a city, and thus to slum means to live or associate with poorer people.Don’t put your shit on me! A crude way to say “don’t blame me for your emotional problems.An orphan.

A child who does not have any parents.You don’t want to hear that this isn’t surgery, that the motherfucker stabbed me! To stab is a violent verb, meaning to attack with a knife.Don’t bullshit me! Like fuck, bullshit is a grammatically versatile word. Here, it’s used as a verb which means to tell nonsense or lies. Will explains why he won’t be working for the government, and both. Sean and Chuckie show him that there are better ways to lead his life.I got to knock off work to come here and the commute is killing me. “To knock off” work means to stop working. The “commute” is usually the act of traveling from home to work, and is often hated given the heavy traffic of most cities.I sent my chief negotiator.

A person who discusses with others to reach an agreement.Associates. Business partners.I’m sorry you can’t do this.because I wouldn’t have to sit here and watch you fumble around and fuck it up.

To fumble is literally to drop, so to fumble around is to do something inefficiently or poorly. To fuck up something is to do it badly, but it’s safer to say “screw up,” which means the same thing.If you’re watching pornos in my mom’s room again, I’m going to give you a fucking beating.

A porno is short for pornographic movie, often called an adult film. To beat up someone is to physically attack them, and thus a beating is an attack in which the victim is often badly hurt.Why don’t you jerk off in your own fucking house? “To jerk off” is a common slang expression meaning to masturbate.You humped a baseball glove? “To hump” is a funny verb meaning to have sex by rubbing up and down, in much the way a dog might hump a tree!The National Security Agency. A secretive US governmental organization that gathers information about other countries. It’s not as well known as the CIA, but it’s bigger.Well, you’d be working on the cutting edge.

This is a common term when referring to the most technologically advanced parts of a society or organization.Code-breaking. The act of trying to understand secret codes that various governments and organizations use to maintain secrecy. That’s a tough one, but I’ll take a shot.

To take a shot at something means to at least try to do it.They bomb a village where the rebels are hiding. Rebels are soldiers who are usually fighting the local government. A rebellion is an uprising against a government or people in power.They send in the marines to secure the area because they don’t give a shit.

The “marines” are the part of the military who operate in both land and sea, often near beaches. “To not give a shit” is a very common but crude way of saying to not care about something.The National Guard. Military units that keep order within the United States. Some people joined the Guard in the 1960s to avoid serving in the Vietnam War.The taking shrapnel in the ass Pieces of bullet.And the oil companies used the little skirmish over there. A “skirmish” is a violent but brief battle, or gun fight.An alcoholic skipper who likes to drink martinis and play slalom with the icebergs.

A “skipper” is the captain of a boat and a “martini” is a popular alcoholic drink. “Slalom” is a cart for sliding on the ice, and an “iceberg” is a giant piece of ice floating in the ocean.The shrapnel in his ass is giving him chronic hemorrhoids.

“Chronic” is a key word that means lasting over a long period of time. “Hemorrhoids” are a painful medical condition (See dictionary).The only blue plate special they’re serving is scrod with Quaker State.

The blue pate special is the best priced meal of a restaurant. Scrod is a type of fish, and Quaker State is a brand of motor oil!Club a baby seal, hit the hash pipe.

To club is to hit, with a club or pipe. A baby seal is a super cute animal that lives in the ocean. A hash pipe is used to smoke drugs like hashish or marijuana.Shakespeare, Nietzsche, Frost, O’Conner Kant, Pope, Locke. Various writers, philosophers, and poets that Will respects.Not without some serious smelling salts and a heater. “Smelling salts” are chemicals that are used to wake up people who have fainted or are unconscious.You are bound by nothing. “Bound” is another word for “limited.”So don’t cop out behind I didn’t ask for this.” “To cop out” is a good expression meaning to make stupid excuses.What’s wrong with laying bricks? The rectangular stone material used for building houses, walls and various buildings.Why did you work at the most prestigious technical college in the whole fucking world? Prestigious is an excellent word meaning influential and highly respected.And why did you sneak around at night and finish other people’s formulas.

To “sneak around” is to try and explore an area without being noticed by anybody. A “formula” is often a mathematical equation (E=MC2).I want to be a shepherd.

A person who takes care of sheep and other animals.I want to move to Nashua and get a nice little spread.

Used here to mean a nice piece of land, big enough for animals. You’re chucking me?! To chuck someone is a colloquial way to say to throw them out.Look at you, you fucking burnout.

What winds you’re clock? A “burnout” is someone who is mentally or physically exhausted by life, perhaps because of work, perhaps because of drugs. The second sentence above is typical of Will and probably means something like “What makes you happy?”You just cash in your chips and walk away. A colorful way to say “quit,” using the language of poker.Hey, at least I played a hand.

In poker or other card games, a round or bet.It won’t be on my conscience. I won’t feel guilty.” Well, that sucks. A vulgar but extremely common way of saying that something is bad, undesirable, or worse!I’m going to be a fucking lab rat.

The rats that live in laboratories which scientists study. We’ll have little fucking kids and take them to little league together up at Foley Field. A baseball league for kids that is popular throughout the US.You’re sitting on a winning lottery ticket and you’re too much of a pussy to cash it in. This is a very vulgar word for a coward, or a person who is scared. Lambeau and Sean battle one last time over Will’s future, but it is Sean who gives Will the courage to decide for himself.I don’t care if you have a rapport with the boy. An interesting word for “relationship.” Unless used with a negative adjective, the connotation is positive.Don’t you dare undermine what I am trying to do here. To undermine something is to weaken or perhaps even destroy it.Better off hanging out with a bunch of retarded gorillas? To hang out is a useful and common phrasal verb meaning to pass time. Retarded means mentally defective or very stupid, and a gorilla is a well known animal related to monkeys.Oh, come on, don’t give me that Freudian crap.

“Freudian” refers to Freud, the creator of many of the more interestin theories that come from modern psychology. “Crap” is a useful but still crude replacement for “bullshit.”It’s a defense mechanism, all right? A expression from modern psychology. Here, the belief that Will pushes away people who get emotionally close to him, in order to defend himself from the possible types of hurt he suffered as a child. Don’t infect him with the idea that it OK to quit. “To infect” is a powerful verb meaning to contaminate or corrupt, or most often, to give someone a disease.You resent me, but I’m not going to apologize To resent is another powerful verb meaning to feel angry at.That condescending, embarrassed look. Snobby. An excellent word to describe someone who looks down on another. You and your cronies think I’m a pity case. A “crony” is an interesting word for friend, often with a negative connotation that suggests politics and corruption. To feel “pity” for someone is to feel sorry for them. You and your kiss ass chorus. A very colorful and pejorative expression that describes people who are willing to do anything for someone else if they feel it will ultimately be beneficial for themselves.I knew you before you were a mathematical god, when you were pimple-faced and homesick. This is Sean’s way of saying he knew Lambeau when he was still young and innocent. Pimples are the little pus-filled swellings on the skin that all teenagers hate, but most have!It’s not about you, you mathematical dick! “Dick” is another insult word which can mean penis. More useful than “prick” since its less vulgar. Next time you have to deal with a jerk, just roll your eyes up in disgust and softly think “what a dick.”If you push him Gerry, if you ride him. “To ride” someone is used here to mean force or manipulate.This is your file.

I have to send to the judge for evaluation.

A “file” is an important word describing a folder and the various papers within it. Most patients, clients etc. have files about them. An “evaluation” is another word for analysis, or formal review.He would come home hammered, looking to wail on somebody. “To wail” means literally to scream with a high-pitched voice, like certain animals have. Here, used to mean attack or beat up. He used to put a wrench, a stick and a belt on the table, and just say “choose.” A “wrench” is a metal tool used to turn nuts and bolts.Will has an attachment disorder. In psychology, an “attachment disorder” is used to describe an inability to become emotionally close to people.Don’t fuck with me. Note it’s use as a verb meaning to make angry or bother. Very vulgar, obviously, but common among certain people.I hope we keep in touch.

The expression to use when two people who have communicated with each other frequently are going off in separate directions, but want to continue to communicate.I’m just going to put my money on the table and see what kind of cards I get. Sean’s way of describing changes in life like a big poker game.Does this violate the patient-doctor relationship? A legal term which deals with how doctors and patients are supposed to treat each other. Chuckie learns just how successful Sean has been, as Will begins a new chapter in life.Me and Bill scraped together the parts. “To scrape together” various things is to get them from lots of different places. Morgan was out panhandling for change everyday. “To panhandle” is to beg for money, usually on city streets.India, China and Baltimore. The places where Sean wants to travel. Baltimore is a large city in the state of Maryland, near Washington DC.I know Gerry. I was being ironical.

The dictionary says irony is “the use of words to convey the opposite of their literal meaning.” A way to be funny. “Ironic” is more common than ironical, though “sarcastic” is best of all.This one’s on me I’ll pay for this.” Or, most commonly, “my treat.”I still have a shot.

In this case, “a shot” is a chance, or a possibility.Son of a bitch, he stole my line.

“Son of a bitch” is a crude and common insult, though note that here it is used simply to express surprise. In this context, a “line” refers to the words that a person uses, often within movies or plays.