Goals in the Life

My career goals are to attain a career where I can express my artistic talent and passion for art as well as open my mind in ways that I could never do at any other career. To obtain these goals, I must set a track. After looking to many other vantage points resulting in faint success, such as considering the army, attempting to obtain a job at Boeing, and looking into various other art collages, to name a few, I have found that the Art Institute of Seattle has just the programs I’m looking for and just what I need to be successful at my goals.

It has been a life long dream of mine to put my imagination, with my world and characters, into life like animation in such ways as video gaming with three dimensional modeling as well as flash animation with thrilling story-lines that appeal not just to myself, but to other viewers. My portfolio reflects much of my ideas and that of which I am passionate about. The Art Institute of Seattle offers just the right animation programs I need to obtain these goals. Everything from simple flash animation to advanced three dimensional modeling in an interactive digital world.

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With this experience, I can gain a career I’ll love for the rest of my life. I would be eligible to work at popular gaming and animation companies such as Blizzard, EA Games, and Forgotten Realms, in which I have been a fan of for many years, using skills learned from the Art Institute of Seattle. These skills being two dimensional and three dimensional animation and techniques, story boarding, scripting, and rendering.

I am very strong and passionate about art and how I want to excel it. Therefore, I am strongly willing to participate in what ever programs and activities which are needed to complete my goals in this institute. I am very committed to fulfilling my goals and as so, I will push myself in all ways to succeed and graduate so that I may fulfill my creative dream and to be a proud employee at a large computer gaming and animation industry.