Geographic Sums


Chapter 5 Worksheet

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Key Terms

British Received Pronunciation (BRP):
*standard English for UK
*upper – class Britains around London
*official language of UK

Creole or creolized language:
*mixed language
*(colonizers language) and
(indigenous of dominated language)

*regional variety
*difs. : vocabulary, spelling, pronounce

Glossary: *dialect spoken by same African American

Extinct language:
*use to be daily activities language
*no longer used
*Ex: Sanskrit, Latin, Hebrew formerly (Hebrew is now a revived language.)

*word used by French speakers
*used for English words entered French language in French means Francais = French and Anglais = English

*system of writing
*other East Asia
*idea concept
*not a specific sound (such as English), not phonetic

*different language predominates on either side of boundary

Isolated language:
*unrelated to any other language
*not attached to any language family

*refers to sound & other forms of communication
*the group all understand same meaning
*Best definition is in chapter 1, Know it, Is shown at answer to question # 1

Language branch:
*collection of languages
*common ancestors
*ancestral language existed several thousand years ago
*less extensive differences than between language family

Language family:
*common ancestor
*before (long before) recorded history (prehistoric)

Language group:
*of branch
*common origin recent past
*few differences, grammar and vocabulary

Lingua franca:
*commonly used
*speakers have different native, bridging language
* languages (ex.: Arabic, English, Hindustani – Hindi / Urdu, Swahili, Russian, French)
*? pidgeon

Native language – mother tongue (language you first spoke, for example in your family)

Literary tradition:
*written as well as.