Gender and Relationships

Chapter 3: Gender and Relationships
Specific outline

I. Introduction about chapter
In the old days, it was so simple: men hunted and women raised the kids. Then we moved out of caves, invented gender studies and learned a bit about genetics. Nowadays, everything has changed. They develope into many sides of society. And today, our group will talk about a small sides in a big problem. That is Gender and Relationships. That’s also our lesson.
In this chapter, my group will show about others side of Gender and relationships. It includes mainly in 2 sides. First, the big changes that have occurred in the family life and personal relationships of people in the United States in the last several decaces. Second, a Russian business which exports a suprising product: “mail-order” brides. Hoping that we will understand more and more after we learned!
II. What is General idea ?
General idea was buit from topic sentence. Using explanation or evidences to clarify the topic sentence.
III. Essay 1
1. Reading
Reading the first paragraph: Who’s Taking Care of the Children in 15’.
Divide class into 4 group. After 15’, each group give the General idea.
2. Finding General idea
Discussing and choosing the best General idea.

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Idea 2 is the best General idea: Giving a cover view on the paragraph. All ideas are arranged on a whole paragraph, such as many forms to take care of the children: day- care centers, day-care facilities, hiring nanny,etc; appearing more and more family types: extended family, immediate family, blended family; the roles of fathers in child care and househould chores; a new trends- working from home.
Idea 1: The ideas weren’t mentioned in paragraph..