Health and Human Development
Unit 1
Health Issues for Australia’s Youth
On completion of this unit the student should be able to outline health issues relevant to Australia’s youth and, in relation to a specific health issue, analyse strategies or programs that have an impact on youth health and development.

You are encouraged to thoroughly research 2 health issues that affect Australia’s Youth. Some examples of appropriate issues include:
• mental health
• asthma
• diabetes
• weight issues
• injury
• tobacco smoking
• alcohol use
• illicit substance use
• sun protection
• sexual and reproductive health
• food allergies
• homelessness
• cyber–safety

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The key features of one health issue for Australia’s youth, including:
• Description of the issue and why it is an issue for youth.
• Relevant statistics in relation to incidence, prevalence and changes over time.
• The impact of the issue on the health of youth.
• The impact of the issue on the development of youth.
• Determinants that act as risk and/or protective factors for the issue.
• The effectiveness of a government, community or personal strategy or program to address the issue selected.

Some useful websites that can be utilised for your research:
Internet safety
Kids Help Line
Living independently
Melbourne sexual health centre
Road safety
Sane Australia
The Better Health Channel
The Cancer Council of Victoria
Youth Substance Abuse Service
Asthma Foundation of Victoria
Australian Drug foundation
Australian Institute of health and welfare
Beyond blue
Centre for Adolescent health
Child and Youth Health.