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The term is now generally reserved to the practice of educating the girls & boys together; but even in this sense it has a variety of meanings.

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This implies the use of the same buildings and equipment under the same teaching staff for the education of both GIRLS & BOYS, but does not oblige both students to follow the same methods or to live under the same regimen.
* Co-ordinate education; the students are taught by the same methods and the same teachers and are governed by the same general administration; but each sex has its own classes and, in the case of a university, its separate college.
* Identical education; both Girls & Boys are taught “the same things, at the same time, in the same place, by the same faculty, with the same methods and under the same regimen. This admits age and proficiency, but not sex, as a factor in classification”. It is in this third and narrowest sense that co-education has been the subject of widespread discussion for some time past.

Elementary schools

At present co-education is practically universal in the elementary grades of the public schools of the USA. It also prevails to a large extent in the elementary grades of private and denominational schools,

Secondary schools

According to the Commissioner’s Report for 1905-6, there were in the United States 40 public high schools for boys only, with 22,044 students, and 29 schools for girls only, with 23,203 students; while the co-educational high schools numbered 7,962 having on their rolls 283,264 boys and 394,181 girls; the difference indicated by these last figures is noteworthy.

During the same year there were under private direction 304 high schools for boys only, with 22,619 students; 500 high schools for girls only, with 27,081 students; while the private co-educational schools numbered 725 with an attendance of 26,487 boys and 25,568 gifts. From these statistics it appears that even in private high schools the number of boys is.