Favorite Vacation Spot

Jamaica is the largest island of common wealth Caribbean and it is my favorite destinations . Jamaica is the third largest Caribbean Island situated in South America. The island has natural beauty, good weather and good tourist destination for spending holidays. I was lucky to visit Jamaica and I could taste the food , the beauty of island and music.
Firstly, Jamaica is known for its beaches. These beaches are very clean and beautiful and I saw different people engaging in activities such as swimming, diving in sea. Every people that I saw including myself was laying volleyball and other activities. One of the famous beach in Jamaica is Ocho Rios which include tourist oriented spot which has plenty of food, fun and activities. Estimated 1.7 million foreign people travelled to visit these coastline every year . These white sand beach was lapped by crystal clear water.
Secondly, One of the most important thing that I loved the fact about Jamaica is the Jamaican Food. One of the main specialty about Jamaican food is the spicy and color foods. Their foods have a blend or tastes like Indian foods. One of the Jamaican foods that I liked is the goat curry, pepper soup, rice and peas, fish and pork. Moreover, Jamaicans adds more curries and flavors to add in to their foods.
Thirdly, Jamaican have a musical heritage that stem from African and European roots . The famous music of Jamaica is reggae quickly popular around the world. Reggae is a very strong part of the Jamaican culture. Especially, this music is not easy to under stable. There are different kind of music available in the name of jazz ,Mentos, Rocksteady, Ska etc . I think, these music relax our mind and comfortable to hear .
finally , Jamaica is my favorite vacation spot because of fun and pleasure . Next summer , I would like to go this please gain with my friend to get a new fun .