Family Order

Opinion Essay about families
In the last few years family life and structures became more and more important for many families. Some of them think about living in an extended family, others claim that they want to build up their own house and live without their relatives. There are a lot different opinions.
“Nobody has ever before asked the nuclear family to live all by itself in a box the way we do. With no relatives, no support we’re put it in an impossible situation.” – That’s a quotation of the anthropologist Margaret Mead.
She wanted to say that it is difficult for small families, big problems to be overcome. Instead, all the relatives to help in the extended family together, whatever is the problem.
On the other hand, I am of opinion that the relationship between children and their parents in a nuclear family is much more intense and passionate. You can learn much more from each other as if they meet all the relatives and get each of them a little way further on in their lives like “make this and make that …”
I grew up in a extended family and I have very positive experiences. I have a close relationship with my parents, the other also live with my grandparents at home. I learn from all my relations important for my own life and to gain from it very much.
The last topic I want to discuss is the family life and structures when my offspring is around 20 years old. In present time, children get less and less and less. In financial terms, would be small families survive in our society rather than extended families. However, I believe that is also living in extended families like us, will never die out.
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