English Supplementary

Countable nouns and Uncountable Nouns
Nouns which count as Countable Noun: – cars, cups, boxes, rulers
Nouns which counts as Uncountable Noun: – flour, sugar, salt, water
i. We use ‘a’ and ‘an’ with singular countable nouns.
-There is a fish in the pond.
-May is eating an orange.
ii. We use ‘a few’, ‘many’, ‘some’ and ‘any’ with plural countable nouns.
-They found a few balls in the basement.
-There are many birds.
-There are some apples.
-I didn’t see any fishes in the sea.
iii. We use ‘a little’, ‘much’, ‘some’ and ‘any’ with uncountable nouns.
-There is a little sugar in the tin.
-Grandpa doesn’t have much hair.
-Mother bought some flour.
-Is there any water in the tank?
iv. We use singular verbs (e.g. ‘is’, ‘was’) for singular countable nouns and all uncountable nouns.
-There is a cat in the garden.
-There is a little sugar in your tea.
v. We use plural verbs (e.g. ‘are’, ‘were’) for plural countable nouns.
-There are many dresses in the cupboard.

Put ‘a’ or ‘an’ in the blanks. Do not write anything if no word is necessary.
1. _____ little pepper should be added to the porridge to make it tastier.
2. ______apple ______day keeps the doctor away.
3. She is drinking _______glass of orange juice and reading ______magazine.
4. A ________flies_________airplane.
5. _________cheese is made from_______ milk.
6. He draws _________square on _______ piece of _________paper.
7. We cannot live for _________hour without air.

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Fill in the blanks with ‘many’, ‘much’, ‘a few’ or ‘a little’. Do not write anything if no word is necessary.
1. The farmer rears only_____________ pigs on the farm.
2. Ken purchased____________ fruits yesterday, so he gave __________to his colleagues.
3. ________________detergent and ____________water should remove the stains from your white blouse.
4. There is some.