Energy Crises In Pakistan

Energy is the most important sources for economic growth of a country. Unfortunately Pakistan has to face a major energy crisis in Natural gas, Power and Oil in next two to three years. This would delay the Economy of Pakistan (which is already in complexity). The high cost of the import of Oil, Construction of Big Dams, uncertain regional security environment attached with lack of national agreement to build dams are likely to delay quick resolution of energy crises. This energy deficit will lead to inflation. Similarly subsidies of billions of rupees have to be doped out “Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA)” to bear loses. This would affect the national exchequer heavily
An Energy Crisis is threatening large in upcoming years. There is an expected short fall up to 50% because of increase in demand and supply gas up to 3,000 MW. Pakistan’s total energy requirement would increase by 48% to 80 million tons of oil equivalent in 2011.

Pakistan energy sector comprises of major sources with share of 50.4% of gas, followed by oil 29%, hydro electricity 11%, and coal 7.6%. Consequently, Pakistan imports energy to overcome the problem and maintain standard of living of people. The major shortfall is expected in natural gas supplies. Pakistan had 28 trillion cubic feet reserves of natural gas in 2006 but due to increase in its demand it is expected to be exhausted in next two decades.

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Pakistan has a huge demand to generate power through oil but we can meet only 20% of our requirement through original production and rest of oil is imported from Gulf States and other countries of world. No major oil field so far has been discovered in last three decades. Oil demand is expected to double by 2015 and quadruple by 2025. This would lead to a amazing trade shortage, and growing of general pricesPakistan has a total hydro potential of 40,000 MW against which it generates only 6500 MW. If the dams are not built there would be short fall of 40 million acre.