Effects of Television on Families

Lisa Stacy
Journal Entry 8
College Success

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After 1 week of monitoring my time, I discovered that there are some places I could make changes. I do things on a whim for instance the casino when I actually had things to do that day. I did not allow enough time for my assignments in my 3 classes this week because I underestimated how much time the assignments would take. That is how I end up doing CIT late at night because I start too late. Then when I am done it is hard to go to sleep without wind down time. Sometimes I sleep too long and sometimes I sleep hardly at all because of lack of planning. There were strong suites too I study every day during the week. I need to add a little more on the weekends though.
I want to spend more time on math sometimes it comes easy to me so I don’t always put the time in that I need. On test I do really well unless I rush.
I want to spend less time on watching TV, smoking cigarettes, and needless running in the car.
I was suprized that I spend so much time watching TV, way too much TV.
I was suprized that I spend so little time reading my text books. Assignments are one thing but just sitting down and actually reading. It is amazing the things I get distracted by when it is time to read. I end up doing weird things like suddenly cleaning out a drawer or something. I am concerned about exam week in 2 of my classes.