Dumb & Dumber Movie Review

Major Characters

LloydJim Carrey A truly stupid, but lovable, limousine driver.HarryJeff Daniels A dog groomer, who is Lloyd’s truly stupid but lovable friend. Mary SwansonLauren Holly A wealthy heiress with whom Lloyd falls in love, whose husband has just been kidnapped.

Plot Summary

This is the story of Lloyd and Harry, two really stupid people who are best friends. Lloyd is a limousine driver who thinks he has fallen in love with Mary, who he has driven to the airport. When Lloyd sees Mary leave a briefcase sitting on the ground at the airport, he rushes to grab it, and then decides he needs to drive to Aspen, Colorado in order to return it to her.Unknown to Lloyd, the briefcase contained a huge amount of money (a ransom), and was in fact going to be picked up by two people who had helped kidnap Mary’s husband. The kidnappers see Lloyd take the brief case, and follow him back to his house. Meanwhile, Lloyd has convinced Harry to drive to Aspen in order to return the briefcase to Mary.Lloyd and Harry drive from Rhode Island to Colorado, while unknowingly being chased by the kidnappers. They finally arrive in Aspen, out of money, cold, and as stupid as ever. By chance, they discover that the briefcase contains a huge fortune. They instantly become rich, but continue to search for Mary in order to return the briefcase and money, as well as hopefully give Lloyd one last chance to seduce Mary. Unfortunately for Lloyd, Harry also develops a strong affection for Mary. Ultimately it doesn’t matter though, since both Lloyd and Harry must probably come to accept the fact that Mary is not interested in either in them. The movie ends, with Lloyd and Harry still really stupid. A final sociolingusitic note: Much of the humor in this movie is based on the fact that Lloyd uses very educated language, despite the fact that he is so dumb. Knowing that his choice of words is so out of character for such a stupid guy should help you appreciate much of the film’s humor.

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Words and Expressions that You may not Know

Lloyd meets Mary, takes her to the airport, and apparently falls in love (or at least falls in lust).New Jersey. A State next to New YorkGood day mate. Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie. Australian (not Austrian!) English: Hi friend, let’s barbecue some shrimp.”Weinersnitzel. Foot long. Types of hot dogs.Very funny. In your dreams! What a person says to someone else when convinced the other person’s hopes or desires are not possible. Suck me sideways. No one ever says this, though without the sideways, it could be a crude insult or a sexual request. How did you guess? Note that in rapid speech, how did.—-&gt “How’d.”When I noticed the ticket, I put two and two together.

Common expression meaning I analyzed things and understood.Aspen. A famous ski resort in Colorado (Not California!). I got worms.

Tiny insects that crawl (used here, it sounds like he has a disease).Head on crash, or being trapped under a burning gas truck? When two cars drive directly into each other.No humping, and no sniffing heinies.

To hump is a somewhat crude verb meaning to have sex. Heinie is a very old fashioned word for ass, butt, or derriere.These pooches don’t need primping.

“A pooch” is a dog, and “to primp” is to dress or groom with care.On second thought, you might want to run a comb through them. The thing used to brush hair. Mary drops off the mysterious briefcase, but Lloyd grabs it before the people she really left it for have a chance to take it.”The White Zone is for loading and unloading only.” What every driver hears at every airport in the United States.You make the pick-up. Note the use of this verb as a noun (referring to any object).Piece of cake. Common clich&eacute meaning that something is very easy.There’s our payday.

Literally the day you’re paid, or in this case, the source of money.Move it or lose it, sister! “Move, or I’ll run into you. A sister is a nun!Hold that plane! In this context, one way to say Don’t let it go! Keep that plane here!”Limo driver. Common abbreviation for “limousine.”Fell off the jet way, again. The area where Jets park at an airport.Who do they figure he’s working for, anyway? To figure is a common colloquial verb meaning to think or believe.We sure as hell better find out. A colloquial way to add emotion or emphasis.They always freak out when you leave the scene of an accident. To freak out is a common colloquial verb meaning to panic or to become very emotionally upset.You’re one pathetic loser. A great adjective referring to someone who arouses scornful pity for being so bad or ridiculous.No offense.

— None taken. A common way to say “I didn’t mean to offend you.You know what chaps my ass? You know what makes me angry? (But never said: only lips get chapped, or dried out).Chicks love it. A colloquial and teenage way to refer to girls or women.Sparks flew, emotions ran high. A tiny flash of fire (Here, it refers to interaction between people). Get out of here! Used here to mean I don’t believe you!,” which is fairly common when someone is being very cynical. (Some people will even just say “Get out!”)I’d have to be a low life to go rooting around in somebody else’s personal property. “A low life” is an immoral or horribly unpleasant person. “Rooting around” means to dig around, but is never used.I say we bail.

“To bail” is a very colloquial way to say leave, usually in a hurry. Maybe we should trash the place. As a verb, it means to destroy (common among gangsters).Nothing, nada, zip.

They both mean “nothing” (“nada” is Spanish for nothing). Just get the bare essentials, since this is the last of our dough. The “bare essentials” means the absolute necessities (of living). “Dough” is common slang word for money.”Rhode Island Slut.” The name of a newspaper Lloyd is reading. Rhode island is the tiny New England State where he lives, and a “slut” is crude word for a woman who sleeps with lots of men.Senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel.

“Senior citizens” is a polite way to refer to old people. If someone is “behind the wheel,” they are driving a car (using a steering wheel).Where’s the booze? Very common slang for liquor or alcohol.I got robbed by a sweet old lady in a motorized cart.

The type of vehicle often seen on golf courses Lloyd is desperate to see Mary, and since Harry just lost his job, Lloyd convinces Harry to drive with him to Aspen to return Mary’s briefcase.Parakeet. A type of bird that is often kept as a pet.I’ve had it with this dump! The place where cities bury trash, but also used to described a dirty and unpleasant house or apartment.What the hell are we doing here? Common addition to add emotion in WH questions.The Salmon of Capistrano. Capistrano is a city in California that is famous for its sparrows (a type of bird), not its salmon (a type of fish).I don’t know. The French are assholes.

A Crude and common insult word. It’s safer to say jerk, moron, etc.I know what you’re up to, mister! “To be up to” something is to be doing something, often in a secretive manner. That will plug us into the social pipeline! A poetic way of saying “we’ll meat lots of (rich) people.I’m sick and tired of having to eke out a living.

An interesting expression which means to make just enough money to survive. I filled it up. Here, referring to gas in a car.Connecticut. Small state between Rhode island and New York.We’re on a very tight budget. We have very little money25 bucks. A very common way to refer to dollars.What do you call this? —— Stuff.

Often used as a very general term for things (Overused used by people with a limited vocabulary).The parakeet didn’t even have a head, and you sold it to a blind kid? One of the funnier lines in the movie.Those bastards! A crude insult for referring to unpleasant or immoral men.How do they know I have gas? A clever play on words: Gas can refer to the gas that heats your apartment, or the gas that you get in your stomach after eating.I’m going to have a god dam hemorrhage.

God dam is a crude way to add emotion (usually anger). A hemorrhage is a type of excessive bleeding.The Monkeys were a major influence on the Beatles. An interesting analysis of rock’n’roll history! (The Monkees were a popular group formed after The Beatles arrived in the United States). With the kidnappers of Mary’s husband following behind them, Lloyd &amp Harry make some new enemies on the road.What is the soup du jour? A French term meaning “soup of the day.”It feels good to mingle with these laid back country folk.

“To mingle” is to mix with, socially, and “laid back” means casual and relaxed. “Country folk” is a silly way to refer to people who live in the country or small towns, and not big cities.What the hell?! Who’s the dead man? An interesting way to express disagreeable surprise.Kick his ass, Sea Bass! To kick someone’s ass” is to physically attack and harm. (Sea Bass is apparently the nick-name for this guy) A round of beers to bury the hatchet.

An old clich&eacute which means to forgive one another or make peace.Sea Bass said to put it on their tab.

At a bar or restaurant, “to put it on someone’s tab is to add the charges for the food and drink to their bill. I’ll kill these sons of bitches.

A funny plural for “son of a bitch,” which is a crude insult.That was sheer genius. A common adjective, in this phrase meaning “total.”So he gets away with it, scott-free? “To get away with” something is to be able do it without being punished.”Scot-free” means without any complications at all.No, in the movie, they slit his throat. A very violent verb meaning to cut open with a knife!Camel. The noble animal with two humps, found mostly in deserts.Pull over.

—— It’s a Cardigan, thanks for asking A cute play on words: When you are told to pull over by the police, that means to stop your car on the side of the road. But as a noun, a pull-over is a type of sweater. A Cardigan is a nice sweater.Killer boots, man! Interestingly, killer as an adjective means great or awesome!We’re you boozing, sucking back on grandpa’s old cough medicine? To booze means drinking in order to get drunk.Give me that booze, you little pumpkin pie hair-cutted freak.

Horrible grammatical construction, but a funny insult. A freak is a very useful word to describe a person who is very strange or odd.You’d keep your mouth shut, if you knew what was good for you. What people in authority often say in order to intimidate or threaten.Tic tac, sir? A type of mint used to clean your breath.Get the hell out of here! A very common and colloquial way to simply say “leave!” Mary and her family discuss their options after discovering the kidnappers did not receive the ransom money. Meanwhile, Lloyd and Harry move onward.We should’ve called the authorities after Bobby was kidnapped. Here, a reference to the police.We’ve been through this already. “We’ve already discussed this.We can’t let on that anything is wrong A good phrasal verb meaning to let others know.If they get wind of this, the kidnappers may panic. “To get wind” of something is to find out about it.Doggy bag. A very useful bag that restaurants give to customers for left-over food.No, I’m cool.

Very common colloquial adjective that can mean many things depending on the context Here, meaning awake or alert.These places don’t do it for me.

If something “doesn’t do it for you, you don’t really like it.Did some filly break your heart? —— No, a girl. A female horse (Here, used to mean a “girl,” but that’s ridiculous).A week later, out of the blue, she gave me a John Deere letter. If something happens out of the blue, it happens suddenly and totally unexpectedly. What follows is a great play on words: A Dear John letter is simply a typical letter, whereas John Deere is the name of a big farm equipment company. She gave me a bunch of crap.

Crude but common for lots of nonsense, or useless junk.Guess who we happened upon.

A rare phrasal verb meaning to see by chance.The boys are holed up here. If people are holed up somewhere, they are trapped inside.Is it possible they’re feds? Common slang for “Federal Police Agents,” such as the FBI.Grab the bag, so we can end this shit.

Note the use of “shit” as a definite noun referring to a general situation.”Mr. Andre.” The head kidnapper.These jokers have a lot of money. Another word for clowns or fools.I told you I’m on it.

To be on something is to be taking care of it. On the map, we’ve only done four inches. A funny line that only a stupid person would say seriously.I’ll give you 10-1 that I’ll get you to gamble. “To give someone 10-1 odds” is a way of saying “I’ll pay you 10 times what you would pay me, if I lose the bet. Lloyd and Harry pick up a hitchhiker, not knowing that he is one of the kidnappers. Fortunately, they get away and continue on to Veil.Hitchhiker. Person who tries to get a ride by sticking out his thumb on the road.I’ll go with my instincts on this one. Another good word for intuition.Double triple stamp. Nonsense words that mean nothing, which Lloyd and George use in a game.The most annoying sound in the world. This is a very useful adjective which means irritating or bothersome.”Mockingbird.” The name of the song they’re singing: A bird that imitates sounds, and that is therefore very irritating.Stop acting like a couple of pussies and go at the same time. A very crude word for a coward or someone without courage. In the singular, it’s also a vulgar way to refer to female sexual organs.Sounds like a dare.

“A dare” is an official challenge to someone to do something.More tingly than hot.

“Tingly” means to have a slight stinging sensation. Here, “hot” means spicy, not warm.It’s mental.

A colloquial adjective that can mean crazy.I’ve put rat poison in their Shirely Temple.

A type of cocktail (named after a famous child actress).Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time! An interesting way to begin sentences, to show emphasis. Oh, my ulcer.

A lesion in the stomach that causes great pain. It’s OK, I know CPR.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation The blowing of air into another person’s mouth in order to get that person to begin breathing. The next time, you’re dead meat.

A somewhat crude way to say you’re going to die.”Not if you count the gurgling sound. “To gurgle” is the sound you make when you gargle mouth wash. The police join the chase for Lloyd and Harry.Then they hit the road.

“To hit the road” is to begin driving.West on I-80 towards Colorado. “I” stands for “Interstate highway,” which is identified by a number.Did you get a make out of the vehicle? In this case, “an identification” of the car.An ’84 sheep dog. Cars are identified by year and model (And their car looks like this dog).Mutt Cutts, Rhode Island Mutts are mixed-breed dogs. A ridiculous name for a business.Cool. A classic and versatile colloquial adjective. Here, meaning great.You’re spraying everywhere. “To spray” is to disperse liquid in a jet stream (Which dogs and cats will often do when peeing).He’s such a klutz.

A very useful word which means a very clumsy person.I got to avoid accident-prone guys. If you are prone to do something, you are likely to do it. Thus, an accident-prone person usually has lots of accidents.For god’s sake, give me the damn number! Used to express anger or other strong emotion.If you’re going to be pushy, forget about it A good word for someone who is overly aggressive.Motorists saw a pooch, 30 miles back. A stupid slang word for a dog.OK, just drop it.

Here, meaning stop talking.Big gulps, all right! A gulp is a large amount swallowed all at once. It’s also the name of a serving size at 7-11 convenience stores.Some people weren’t cut out for life on the road. An alternative way to say made for.How long have I been out? Here, meaning asleep (A related expression is He’s out cold”).I thought the Rocky Mountains were rockier than this. America’s tallest mountain range, located in the Western States.That John Denver is full of shit, man! A crude but common expression meaning filled with lies and nonsense. Here, refers to the singer John Denver, who was famous for the song Rocky Mountain High.OK, so we backtracked a tad.

A tad is cute little word meaning a tiny amount.It won’t do any good whining about it. “To whine” is to complain in an irritating manner.We’re in a hole, so we need to dig ourselves out. A hole can be used in a general sense to mean any bad situation.Pardon me, Mr. Perfect! A sarcastic way of saying you couldn’t have done any better.”Some kid traded me the van for it, straight up.

If two things are traded “straight up,” it is one for the other, with nothing else exchanged.Then you go, and totally redeem yourself! “To redeem” oneself is to compensate or make up for a bad action that was done in the past. Lloyd and Harry arrive in Veil, cold, hungry and without money. But soon their luck changes in a big way.Got a little dippy.

A ridiculous way to say cold (as in “the temperature took a dip”).I swallowed a big June bug.

A type of flying insect.He must work out.

“To work out” is a good phrasal verb meaning to exercise seriously.She’ll invite us in for tea and crumpets.

A little pastry popular in Britain (note Lloyd pronounces it with an s at the beginning, which is typical for him). Samsonite.

I was way off.

Samsonite is the name of a famous luggage manufacturer. If you guess at something and you’re “way off,” you weren’t even close.She must be unlisted.

Not listed in the local phone book.My fingers are numb.

Numb is an important word meaning without the ability to feel. I’m going to toss this damn curse into the damn pond. A “curse” is the evil or bad luck a person faces after a witch orders that it be done. Note the common use of “damn” to show anger.A small loan with IOUs.

An interesting abbreviation for a debt: “I owe you (money).”The Royal Suite at the Danbury. The most expensive room in a hotel, in this case, “The Danbury.”Charles and Di used to frequent this hotel constantly. The famous British Royal Couple. “To frequent” a place is to stay at it on a regular basis.Come on Cinderella, we’re going to get you ready for the ball. Cinderella is a famous character in a fairly tale. A ‘ball” is often an elegant evening of dancing. At a charity ball for endangered species, Harry and Lloyd get their big chance to finally see Mary.”Aspen Preservation Society.” A group that works to save endangered animals.Jesus Christ, those guys are all mental.

“Jesus Christ” spoken at the beginning of a sentence is a common way to express anger or surprise. In this case, “mental” means crazy.All we have to do is show some class and sophistication. “To have class” is to have elegance or style.I’d like to eat his liver with some beans. A very unclassy thing to say! Bowls of wild mouse soup. Nonsense words (what Harry wants to eat).Endangered spices. Animals that are in danger of becoming extinct.These specimens constitute 1/7th of the snow-owl population. In this case, a fancy way to say are.They will flourish once more. To flourish is to grow stronger and do well.I’m ready for commitment.

A key word when discussing relationships: The decision to be loyal to one person forever.I’d do anything to bone her. A crude but funny verb meaning to have sex.She’ll think I’m a psycho.

A cool colloquial word which refers to a crazy person.Talk to her. That way you can build me up.

To build someone up is to make them sound really good.Tell her I have a rapier wit.

A cutting and sharp sense of humor. Typically though, Lloyd pronounces rapier as rapist.I’m going to hang by the bar and put out the vibe.

“To hang” is a short and extremely slangy way of saying to “hang out,” which simply means to stay and do nothing in particular. “To put out the vibe” is a ridiculous way to say “send out good vibrations,” in order to attract people.Nice set of hooters you got there. A clever play on words: “Hooters” are both owls (the bird) and crude slang for breasts.Canines.

They’re dogs to the lay person.

Canine is a scientific word for dog. A lay person is simply someone who is not an expert.Any unusual breeding? —— Just doggie style.

Another clever play on words: Breeding refers to types of dog (ie.the breed), but Harry thinks the question refers to any unusual sexual position, since to breed is the verb used for reproducing animals. Doggie style is a sexual position popular with both people and dogs!We mixed a bulldog with a Shitsu.

We called it a bullshit.

Types of dog Bullshit is of course, a very common obscenity for nonsense, lies, etc.This calls for the bubbly.

Colloquial for champagne You’re going to be my best man.

Refers to the groom’s best man at a wedding.We already have the tuxes.

Short for tuxedo (a very expensive suit for men). How can you whack a bird with a cork? To whack is to hit. A cork is the object placed in wine bottles. Harry finds himself with Mary, while Lloyd is left wondering what happened to his promised date.This one’s on me. “I’ll pay for this one. Alpine Drive. The name of the street where Mary lives.That pisses me off.

To piss off someone is to make them angry or annoyed.I just figured that she was a raging alcoholic. To figure is a popular way to say think. As an adjective, raging means out of control.Such pain and personal anguish for nothing. Anguish is extreme physical or emotional pain. I’m going to head off and catch a flick.

A “flick” is a slang word for movie.Harry, old buddy, old pal.

Two expressions for “dear friend” A jealous Lloyd decides to teach Harry a lesson, but Lloyd soon learns there’s little chance he could have Mary’s love .Constipation. Inability to go to the bathroom (defecate).To my friend Harry, the matchmaker.

A person who introduces potential lovers to each other.Make yourself at home. The best words to make a person feel comfortable at your house.The toilet doesn’t flush.

The only verb you need to describe what a toilet needs to do! On A Current Affair: Inside the Menendez Brother’s home, and the story of a blind boy who was duped into buying a dead parakeet. “A Current Affair” is a silly and sensationalistic news show. “The Menendez Brothers” are famous for being rich kids who killed their parents. “To dupe” someone is to fool or cheat them.The briefcase. You left it at the airport, you big goof.

An affectionate way of saying “you idiot”Flush, you bastard! A crude insult for a mean or unpleasant person (or in this case, an unpleasant toilet).Something important has come up.

Another way to say that something “has happened.”I’m crazy about you. A common and colloquial way to say I love and adore you.I’m like a school boy who wants to make sweet love to you. A romantic thing to say (I suppose).I desperately want to make love to a school boy. A very funny “slip of the tongue” (a verbal mistake).I want to ask you a question, straight up, flat out.

“Directly, without avoiding the issue.”Give it to me straight, level with me. “Be honest, even if it will hurt me.” (both are common).So you’re telling me there’s a chance. I read you.

“To read someone” is to understand them Note how “you”—-&gt “ya” in rapid speech. Mr. Andre, rich lover of extinct birds and a professional kidnapper, captures Lloyd, Harry and Mary.Don’t play dumb with me, asshole. To play dumb is to pretend ignorance of something.I’m going to fully reimburse you. “To reimburse” someone is to pay them back money that is owed.That’s as good as money. They’re IOUs.

A useful abbreviation for “I owe you (money)”I got a confession.

A “confession” is something personal that one admits to someone else.You were my best friend, until you turned into a backstabber.

A powerful word for a traitor, or one who betrays the trust of another.Frieda told me the whole sleazy story, Mr. French tickler.

“Sleazy” is a great word for dirty, vulgar, or interestingly, poorly made. “To tickle” someone is to touch someone in order to make them laugh.You said it, pal. “Exactly, my friend.”Maybe we should call it quits, now. A common way to say “stop.”OK, kiss my ass, both cheeks! “Kiss my ass” is a common and crude insult, but only an idiot would say “both cheeks” (referring to both sides of a butt).You’re a horrible shot.

Someone who is a horrible shot does not know how to aim a gun very well. The FBI arrives, Mary’s husband is freed and our heroes are saved, but they are still as stupid as ever.Special officer Beth Jordan, FBI.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (The national police).We’ve been following you since Providence.

Capital of the State of Rhode Island.She strapped this bullet proof vest on me. Clothing designed to protect a person from guns and bullets.She’s something, aien’t she? She’s great, isn’t she? (aien’t” is very uneducated speech).I owe you both a gratitude. Poetic way to say “I’m very appreciative (It’s much more common to say “a debt of gratitude”).First Mary dumps us, then the cops take our nest egg, and then the moped breaks down.

A person who “dumps” another breaks up with them, or leaves them. A “nest egg” is a great expression for a quantity of money that is used primarily to give one a sense of financial security. Any machine that “breaks down” simply stops working.When are we going to catch a break? “To catch a break” is to get some good luck.We need 2 oil boys who can grease us up before bikini competitions. In this case, to “grease up” someone is to run tanning oil on their body.He’s a little slow.

Here, meaning stupid.You’re it! Stupid thing people say when playing a stupid game like “tag.”