Do People Accomplish More When They Are Allowed To Do Things In Their Own Way?

People accomplish more when they are allowed to do things in their own way because a person who is free to think in his own way, act in his own way, comes up with new ideas and theories. He is not bound to think in one particular way; instead his mind comes up with different ideas which go a long way to help him achieve great things in life.
The great scientists, Galileo and Copernicus thought that the Earth went round the sun, quite contrary to the beliefs of the Church. But had they considered themselves restricted by the Church, and had a blind-faith in its beliefs, they wouldn’t have come up with this fascinating idea, which no one had ever thought about. Today we know that what they thought is absolutely true, that is why these eminent people are still remembered today by all.
Today’s society doesn’t impose a lot of restriction on individuals, that is why people today are coming up with so many new achievements. So many people are soaring to great heights, inventing and discovering new things. All this is because they are free to think and act in their own way. They are not bound to think like the ‘common mass’. Every individual thinks differently, has different perceptions, therefore, has the potential to follow his instincts and come up with so many new and different things. Things today have developed so much-engineering, medicine, art, and politics- all due to the contributions of individuals who had the opportunity of ‘free-thinking’.
When we are left to do things in our own way, our mind becomes curious, and curiosity is the first step for success and achievement. A curious mind comes up questions, and in a quest to find answers for his problems, man lays hands on new accomplishments, for example Sir Isaac Newton. His curiosity as to what makes the apple fall down made it possible for him to develop his Laws of Gravitation.! Therefore, it is absolutely true that when one is left to do things on his own way, he achieves more.