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Skin diseases can manifest in a variety of ways, and vary from mild to severe cases. Some of the skin infections that a person can acquire are due to pollution and other factors, and can result in acne. Acne results from too much sebum production and tends to affect the sufferer’s face, chest and back areas. Acne is a major skin problem that millions of people continue to endure and for which they need an effective remedy.

Basically, there are four types of acne. Firstly, there are papules which are an inflamed infection in the skin containing lesions such as whiteheads. Although this type of acne does not leave any marks on one’s face or other areas of the body, it can be treated with a benzoyl peroxide solution or a direct consultation with your dermatologist. A second type of acne is pustules following the second stage of papules. This is also characterized by small, inflamed and reddish pimples that can grow to a relatively large size. The third type is nodules that are another form of lesion which manifest themselves in the inner and deeper layers of the skin.

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Finally there is a lump that attacks the internal layer of a particular part of the skin. This is considered to be a severe condition and if you find that you have such lesions, you need to consult a dermatologist. This last one is considered to be the most serious type of skin acne disease of all and comes in the form of a cyst. This is characterized by a rupture and damage to the dermis which can also affect the other skin tissues. This type of acne can cause scars and marks on the skin, and therefore professional help is essential.

Another type of skin disease that most people suffer from is eczema. This is a kind of skin infection that comes in the form of skin flaking, redness, blistering, and worst of all, bleeding. There are eczemas that are hereditary, whilst some are caused by a weak immune system. This also becomes apparent if a person is not used to a certain kind of skin product or.