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|VO: Our story starts with a 22-year-old setting off on a ship. A simple journey that|Interesting montage of Archive, graphics, |
|turns epic because his discoveries on this trip will help him come up with theories |maps, Darwin’s books etc |
|that will throw religious beliefs into disarray and alter the way humanity looks at | |
|itself. The year was 1831. The ship was called the HMS Beagle. The young man was | |
|Charles Darwin. | |
|Join us as we follow Darwin on this journey, right up till he made his | |
|world-changing deductions in “The origin of the species” and “The Descent of Man” | |
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|TITLE SEQUENCE- |All the visuals come together to form the |
|The DARWIN PUZZLE |title sequence |
|Sequence 1: The time and the place |COLLAGE: |
|For England at the end of the 19th century – it was possibly the best of times. The | |
|British empire was at the height of its powers. There was huge cultural, social and |.