The September air was cool and crisp ass all the schools and colleges were just opening. Jeff Koback a college sophmore, was anxious to bein college. After his lengthy three month summer break. The only thing he couldnt stand was the workload, because he was lucky because last your he almost didnt pass. This year the only thing he wants is a computer because it would make life so much easier.

Jeff began his first weekend since returning to college by waking up early around nine oclock in the morning took a shower, brushed his teeth, got dressed and drove to the At the bank he walked to the teller, and asked Can I cash this? The teller responded Yes you can, may I see your idenification, she read his drivers liscense andJeff cashed his paycheck. Jeff walked out of the bank as he tucked his money into his wallet, he jumped into his car and drove home. Twenty minutes later he parked his car and walked into the door. Hey Jeff, Jeffs dad said as Jeff closed the door Want some breakfast Jeff went to the oven and took his pancakes and bacon, and sat down with his dad to read the paper. They read the paper for twenty minutes as Jeffs dad asked Hey Jeff, read this ad, he passed the ad to him and Jeff read through it as his dad explained.

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Brand new computer really powerful and what you would like really cheap, he Jeffs dad pointed to the bottom of the ad where it said $250 one day only, Jeff asked Dad can I borrow some money, I only got like $150 from my Jeffs dad replied I cant I just paid my insurance bill, I would if I could, He thought to himself and then said I think you should ask your mom and see what Jeff pulled out his chair and said Alright, and began looking for his mom. He started in her room and finally found her in the basement. He saw her and the first thing he asked was Mom, I saw a computer in the paper and I want to know if I could borrow Jeffs mom replied I dont have any money I could let you borrow but I have some money that you can earn, Jeff.