Child Abuse

She was there in varandah. Musing about something. Something engulfed her around her waist. It was him! Yes, her hubby. She turned around just to meet his eyes. Nothing other than his gleeful eyes gave her tranquillity of mind. He blind folded her eyes. Scooping her in his arms took her in there room. Light was off. The only sources of light were those long and hefty candles. Candles were all over the place. After a while he unfolded her blind fold. An Expression of amusement covered her face. Her lips moved apart, and a slight smile was there on her face. Her eyes all fixed on gown kept in the bed. Yes, a very sexy one. Gown made of silk and green in colour. This ends right above the knees.
In her calm excitement she almost forgot him. Only to search him she took a 180 degree turn but he vanished somewhere. She moved towards the bed and wore the gown. After that act she moved out in search of him. Moving out again she found herself i a roomful of candles. Varieties of them long, thick, aromatic and colourful. Table was set for two. A bottle of wine on the table and a couple of glass was kept on the table. There was even a bouquet of roses kept there. Two palms probably of a man covered her eyes. With her hands she removed his hands and they hugged eachother. After a minute or so he caught hold of her hands and took her to the dinning table. Pulling the chair he made her sit first, after all he is a true gentleman. All cuisines were placed there. Most amazing part of the story the story is that all those foods were cook by him. So sweet!
With his hands he fed her. Some beads of tears were out of her eyes. Quietly she wiped off those tears. He always found her cute like a kid. After a while wiping her mouth and lips he stood up just to switch on a soft instrumental music, a very romantic ad seducing on. He took her hand and kept on his left shoulder and holding her right hand started dancing, moving softly. Scoopig her in his arms he took her to.