Argument Paper

Madiha Zuberi
Eng 090
Mrs. Mckeever

Prayers Should Be Allowed In Public Schools

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There are some people in United States, who are totally against the idea that prayer should be allowed in public schools, and some people totally agree with it. All people have different opinions toward prayer in public schools, but I think students should be allowed to pray in public schools. They should be allowed to engage in any kind of non-disrupting religious activities including the wearing of religious clothing and jewelry, as long as they don’t go against the school dress code. I think students should also be allowed to pray individually or in student organizations or clubs in their schools, since the 1st amendment of United States Constitution gives people the freedom to practice their religion.
According to the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution people have absolute freedom religion, regardless of race, color, and ethnic background. According to the U.S Constitution the government can’t promote a religiously based life over a secularly based life. Thus schoolteachers, principals, and school boards can’t organize a SYATP (see you at the pole) event. Only the student participants, if they are allowed to, can organize SYATP event, in which students come together and pray for their communities, state and country.
People who agree with school prayer say that true freedom of religion means we choose the right to pray and the right to pray anywhere and anytime, whether it’d be during school hours or not. This freedom must be returned to the people and to our schools. It must not be in the hands of our courts to dictate to us when or where or who can pray. People also say that the public schools’ prayers provide a “moral tapestry for students, teachers, and.