Antz Essay on Types of Government

Antz Assignment By: Pratheep Rajan

The movie “Antz” is a great movie for this class, because it is related to civics in a lot of ways. Civics is the study of the rights, duties and freedoms of a citizen as well as the role of the roles that these citizen play within society. In the movie the colony of ants have their jobs assigned to them at birth, because their government was run that way. The ants could be assigned roles such as a soldier or a worker, but along with their responsibilities they also had limited rights within the colony. The colony was set up in social classes in which the workers where looked down upon, not only that but the social classes were not permitted to interact with each other. All these rights are things that all citizens deserve, but the government in this colony did not agree with it. Within the movie the colony had a government that revolved around a monarch and a military leader, but this type of government was challenged during the movie by citizens within the colony. All these reasons make this movie a great example of how certain societies are run.
Many ants in the movie agreed with the type of government they had (monarchy) which was led by the queen, while others disagreed and tried to change it. One example of a person who wanted to change the current government system was Zee the main character of the story. In the beginning of the movie Zee wanted to go to Insectopia which was like paradise for insects. Insectopia supposedly had an Anarchy government which appealed to Zee, because it meant that there was no government and that no one could boss him around. Later on in the movie Zee believed that every ant should have a voice in how the colony should be run, so basically he wanted a democratic government. With this type of government the ants could make their own decisions and everyone could have an input on how the colony should function. This would benefit the colony greatly because the ants would be happier working.

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