American Pie Movie Review

Major Characters

Jim.Jason Biggs A very insecure high school senior who desperately wants to have sex before he graduates, but who is very nervous around women.Kevin.Thomas Ian Nicholas Jim’s good friend who wants to have sex with his girlfriend, Vicki, but is too afraid to tell Vicki that he loves her. Chris “Oz” Ostreicher.Chris Klein A close friend of the two above who is a great school athlete, a good singer, and a sensitive guy who falls in love with Heather (below).Paul Finch.Eddie Kaye Thomas A close friend of the three above who is extremely intelligent, but like the others, unsure of how to have sex before high school ends. Steve StiflerSeann William Scott A popular and more sexually experienced student at the high school who likes to throw big parties at his house. Lots of girls seem to like him, but ultimately, he is basically an insensitive jerk. Chuck ShermanChris Owen A socially awkward student who shocks Jim, Kevin, Chris and Paul by having sex before any of them.Jim’s dadEugene Levy The concerned father who becomes way too involved in helping his son deal with his sexual problems.Vicky.Tara Reid Kevin’s sweet girlfriend who only wants to have sex with Kevin if it’s going to be perfect, and only if he says that he loves her.HeatherMena Suvari Chris’ sweet and sensitive new girlfriend who sings in the school choir.NadiaShannon Elizabeth A beautiful exchange student from the Czech Republic who Jim likes.Michelle.Alyson Hannigan A slightly “nerdy” school band member and flute player who asks Jim to go to the school prom with her (see plot below).JessicaNatasha Lyonne Vicki’s sexually experienced friend who is always giving Vicki, as well as some of the boys, lots of sexual advice.Stifler’s MomJennifer Coolidge Steve’s motherand a very sexually attractive “older woman.”

Plot Summary

This film is the very funny story of four high school seniors in a fictionalMichigan town, and their desperate attempts to have sex with several beautifulgirls in their school. After a socially awkward student named Sherman tells Jim,Kevin, Chris and Paul that he “got laid” at a party, Kevin gets so upset that hegets his three close friends to accept a sacred pact, in which they all agree toall help each other lose their virginity before the end of the school year. In reality, school will end in just three weeks, and thus the only real opportunityseems to be the “senior prom,” the last big dance of the year, and a major tradition athigh schools across America. For many, the prom is a wonderful and romantic night,but for others, it’s a bad reminder of how socially and sexually miserable theirhigh school years have been

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Some Words and Expressions that You May not Know

Jim and the boys consider their sexual options, and prepare for Stifler’s party.Oh, that is a tit! Yes! A somewhat vulgar slang word for a female breast (“Boob” is safer).Hey Jimmy, just wanted to say sweet dreams.

A common and nice way to say goodnight.Yeah, the birds are all scrambled.

If TV reception is “scrambled,” it has been made unviewable, probably because the TV cable company doesn’t want you to see it for free. I sat on the remote or something. This is short for the “remote control,” the much loved box that allows a person to change TV channels without moving from the couch.Yeah, I’m all set dad. “All set” is a common way to say ready, or perhaps prepared.He’s trying to watch some illegal channels.

In reality, there are few “illegal channels,” though people may try to receive certain TV stations illegally by not paying for them!This is just bad reception.

A reference to a TV channel with very poor viewing quality. She’s so hot! — She’s a mermaid, dude.

“Hot” is a very common way for teenagers to describe a good looking or beautiful person. A “mermaid” is a creature that is half fish and half woman. “Dude” is an overly popular word for guy, and is often used by young people addressing each other. Very common in this film. A bunch of people get drunk and do it.

In the right context, to “do it” simply means to have sex. Again, a very common usage in this movie!After keeping you on the waiting list, we’ve decided that you’re now rejected. In this context, a “waiting list” is the list of those students who may have been accepted to a University, but won’t know until later.She said she loves me. — Holy shit, dude, the L word! “Holy shit!” is a somewhat vulgar but colorful way to express great emotion or surprise. Americans love to refer to important words with the first letter of the word in question. Here, “the L word” is love.Cornell is not that far from the U of M.

Cornell is an excellent private university in New York State, and the “U of M” refers the University of Michigan, which is a very good public university system. Whatever It’s doable.

“Whatever” is a very common way of replying to a statement when you don’t totally agree with it. If something is “doable,” it’s possible. No offense, but you’re talking about a post high school long distance relationship. “No offense” is a common way of beginning a sentence if you are about to say something that may offend or hurt the listener. “Post” is a key word meaning after, in this case after high school. A “Long-distance” relationship is generally between two people living in different cities.Vicky, it’s not a space shuttle launch It’s sex. The “space shuttle” is the manned spacecraft that circles the earth for months at a time. A “launch” is the taking off of a rocket or ship.What’s going on, buddy? — Same old.

. “Buddy” is a word for friend, with which people often address each other. “Same old, same old” is an expression which means that life is filled with the same old things, and nothing is new. It means my dog ate it It’s a Latin joke. The dead language of the ancient Romans, which is still taught in some schools (Note students will often tell teachers that they don’t have their homework because their dogs ate it).Mochachino. A combination of hot chocolate and coffee.It depends if my date wants to stop by. Note that a “date” can be an evening together with a person you may be interested in romantically, or it could refer to the actual person.How about if you guys actually locate your dicks, remove the shrink wrap and fucking use them?! A “dick” is a very common slang word for a penis. “Shrink wrap” is the clear plastic wrapping that is often used for fruits and other food. Note the use of “fucking” as an adverb! Vulgar, but not uncommon.Dude, it’s going to happen She’s a collage chick.

Among young people, “chick” is a very common word for a female.I’ll look for you in the no-fucking section.

A play on words Grammatically identical to the “no-smoking section” of a public building. “To fuck,” of course, means to have sex. Crude and common.OK, I’m shooting for a 9 o’clock E-T-A.

“To shoot for” something is to try and do it, or accomplish it. “E-T-A” stands for estimated time of arrival.You got something up your sleeve tonight? If you have “something up your sleeve,” you probably have a secret or clever plan that will surprise a lot of people.This is a foolproof plan, my friend. If a plan is “foolproof,” it is guaranteed to work. In reality, nothing is!Do you think she’d prefer laid-back Jim, or cool, hip, Jim? If a person is “laid-back,” they act in a very casual, calm and approachable manner. In this context, “cool” means stylish or perhaps filled with a sense of confidence, but still mysterious.”Hip” is a very slangy word for youthful, and perhaps up-to-date. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re the one with a girlfriend, and you’re still stranded on 3rd base.

To be “stranded” is to be stuck in place, or unable to move forward. “3rd base” is a place in a baseball diamond, but note that sexual slang is filled with baseball images. For a male, “getting to 3rd base” with a girl means heavy sexual activity and perhaps mutual masturbation, but not actual sexual intercourse (which is a “home run”).You’re still just a batboy.

The boy at baseball games who takes care of the players’ bats.Gentlemen, destiny awaits.

“Destiny” is a serious word for fate, or the future. “To await” is to wait! Stifler drinks the wrong glass of beer, Chris has a bad date, and Sherman prepares to have his greatest night ever.Nadia, glad you could make it. “Glad” is an important alternative to happy or satisfied. This sentence is a common way to greet somebody at a party.Welcome to Stifler’s palace of love, fellas.

A “palace” is another word for a castle or huge house. “Fellas” is a way of referring to a group of guys.The keg is back there Enjoy! A large container that usually has lots of beer. Popular at teen parties.Sherman, what the fuck are you doing here?! A common addition to WH questions to show emotion or surprise (It’s a lot safer and more gentle if you add &#145the hell’ instead).What’s going on? — Not much, just scoping the babes.

A colloquial way of saying to look at the women who are near-by. “To scope” is a very slangy way of saying to look at, but is used only in the progressive verb tense. “Babes” is a slang word for sexy females. Confidence is high Sherman is moving to Defcon 2.

A silly military expression for a state of being prepared to attack. Full strategic arsenal ready for deployment.

A “full strategic arsenal” is all the military equipment needed for a successful military strike. “Deployment” is the use of equipment, and is usually used in a military context (and not a sexual context, like here).It seems she’s taken a liking to me. “To take a liking” to somebody is a poetic way of saying to like them.It’s time she experienced the Shermanator.

Sherman’s reference to himself, and a ridiculous play on words on the Arnold Shwarzenegger move “The Terminator.”I’m a sophisticated sex robot sent back through time. “Sophisticated” is a good word for complex, or perhaps worldly and experienced. A “robot” is a machine made to act like a human.Go get’em, tiger! Typical words of encouragement that you would say to a person who is about to do something dangerous or challenging. Note that “go get them”—–&gt “go get’em” in rapid speech.Weird Try the house down the street. An excellent word meaning strange or bizarre.So, what’s your major? — Post-modern feminist thought. In this context, a “major” is the area of specialization for a university student (English, math, etc) The second sentence refers to the philosophy of current thinkers who encourage female empowerment. Suck me, beautiful. A totally ridiculous thing to say on a date! “To suck” a man is to give him oral sex.My friends call me &#145Nova,’ as in Casanova.

— That’s pathetic.

Casanova is a famous character from French literature who is known for being a great lover to many women. “Pathetic” is a powerful word that means deserving of pity, hopeless or perhaps totally ridiculous. Jeez, you don’t have to laugh at me. A common filler word at the beginning of a sentence to express emotion such as sadness or surprise.You’ve got to tone it down.

“To tone it down” means to do something in a way that is more subtle or gentle. A common and useful expression.You don’t need to come to a place like Lookout Point and spout off cheeseball lines to be romantic. “Lookout Point” is the type of place that exists in towns across America, where teens come with their dates to be romantic. “To spout off” lines is to say lots of words without really thinking about what is being said. “Cheeseball lines” are ridiculous, overly romantic words.Be sensitive to a girl Relationships are reciprocal.

“Reciprocal” means given and received in return, so if a relationship is reciprocal, both partners try to please the other.Come on Casanova, I’ll take you back to your friends. The most wonderful, widely used, and versatile phrasal verb in the English language. Here, meaning “let’s go.” That’s great That’s really reassuring.

Something that is “reassuring” acts to comfort or calm.Don’t call me &#145Nova’ anymore I’m a fraud.

If a person is considered a “fraud,” this means that they are great liars or have fundamentally misrepresented who they are to other people.I’m gonna find myself a little hootie.

A silly and rarely used slang word for a woman. I’m articulate You know I got a 720 on my S-A-T verbal. Somebody who is “articulate” is a person who can express themselves with great ease or grace. The “S-A-T” is the scholastic aptitude test, which most high school kids take before going to college. There is a verbal and math section, and 720 is a high score on the verbal part.Bullshit There’s no way! “Bullshit” is the great obscenity which means nonsense, lies, distortions, etc. “There’s no way” simply means “I don’t believe it.”I kid you not, man. A poetic and colloquial way of saying “I am telling the truth” (“To kid” someone is to lie to them or make fun of them).Copious. Verisimilitude. Two difficult words on the S-A-T “Copious” means a great amount, and “verisimilitude” means the truth.Damn it, Stifler. A common exclamation to simply express anger.Check out time Please vacate the room. “Check out time” is the hour of the day when hotel guests are expected to leave their rooms. “To vacate” a room is to move out or leave it. You are such a jerk.

A great and common insult word meaning idiot, ass, moron, fool, etc.I can’t believe how many cool people are at this party. In this case, “cool” means admirable, excellent, fun, etc. Very common.Wow! — Indeed.

“Wow” is a way of expressing great surprise or emotion. “Indeed” is more British, but is still used in the US to mean certainly, or of course.You know, like, if we hook-up tonight, tomorrow I’ll just be some girl you go telling all your friends about. — No way! Note the use of the filler word “like,” which means has no meaning, but is used and overused, especially by teenagers. “To hook up” is to connect, though in this film it is used to specifically mean to have sex. “No way” is a way of saying “I don’t believe it,” or “that’s not true.” Relax, take it slow, and let the good times roll.

A silly way to say enjoy yourself.Xenophobic. Fear of foreigners.Regurgitation. The act of throwing up food that you’ve just eaten.He likes getting head.

“To get head” is to receive oral sex, and “to give head” is to give it.Gee, what a total shocker.

“Gee” is a gentle filler word to express surprise or emotion at the beginning of a sentence.No wonder you’re not psyched about sex You’re telling me you’ve never even had one manually.

“No wonder” is a common way of saying something is not a mystery. To be “psyched about” something is to be happy or excited about it. If something is done “manually,” it is done by hand.You never double clicked your mouse? Natasha’s ridiculous way of asking Vicki if she has masturbated (“To double click a mouse” usually means to tap a computer mouse). Hey Stifler, how’s the pale ale? A type of beer.She’s a MLIF! An abbreviation that I’ve only heard in this movie “A Mom I’d like to fuck” (i.e.the mother of a friend who is sexually attractive).Don’t you think you fellas can try a little tact? The ability to show social grace and skill, or simply mature and polite behavior. If Sherman has sex before I do, I’m going to be really pissed.

A good way to say angry, and also used in the phrasal verb “pissed off.”Enough of this blow job bullshit I got to get laid already. A “blow job” is a very common slang term for the act of oral sex on a man. “Bullshit” is lies, distortions, or in this case, nonsense. “To get laid” is a common way of saying to have sexual intercourse.I was going for a fashionably late entrance and I was too late. The act of arriving at a party after most others have, but still early enough to enjoy it. The boys make a sacred pact to have sex before school ends, and soon Kevin is learning about what women really want, and Chris is singing in the choir.We were doing the wild thing all night I’m exhausted.

“The wild thing” is Sherman’s way of referring to sex. If you are “exhausted,” you are extremely tired or worn out.I don’t get it How the hell did you do that? “I don’t understand.” I put in months of quality time with Vicky Sherman meets a chick for one night and scores.

“To put in time” is to spend time doing something , and “quality time” is the time that two people spend together, often gently taking care of each other. A “chick” is a slangy word for a woman or girl, and in this movie, “to score” is the most common way of saying to have sex.This is just wrong No shit.

A colloquial way of saying that something is obvious.We’re going to go to college as virgins.

A “virgin” is a person who has not had sex A key concept in this film!They probably have special dorms for people like us. A dorm is a building which houses college students (they are often called dormitories).We’ve got to make an agreement No.a pact.

An agreement to do something in the future that is taken very seriously by all those who accept it.Here’s the deal We all get laid before we graduate. A widely used word for an agreement.Think about that when you work out.

“To work out” is to do exercise, such as running or lifting weights. We’ll be there to keep each other on track.

“To keep on track” is to continue making progress toward a goal.Separately, we are flawed and vulnerable, buttogether, we are the masters of our sexual destiny! If a person is “flawed,” they have a small weakness. If a person is “vulnerable,” they are easily hurt or harmed. Kevin is saying that working together, they’ll have control over their sexual futures.You’re ruining my moment here This is our very manhood at stake.

“To ruin” something is to destroy it. If something is “at stake,” it is at great risk of being damaged or destroyed.We must make a stand, here and now. “To make a stand” is to decide to do something out of a great moral or ethical principle.No more will our penises remain flaccid and unused. A penis that is “flaccid” is soft or weak.And by god, we will not stand by and watch history condemn us to celibacy.

“By god” is a way of showing great emotion and determination. “To stand by” is to watch without taking action, and to “condemn” a person is to officially punish them. “Celibacy” is living without having sex.It’s got to be valid, consensual sex. No prostitutes. Something that is “valid” is real, or true. If sex is “consensual,” it is something that both partners approve of and desire.Busted! A common slang word which means caught, which is used when a person has just been caught doing something illegal or wrong.So basically, the prom is our last chance. The last dance of the last year of high school, and an important and often awkward social event for many students.Dude, the prom sucks.

The most overused colloquial verb in the teenage vocabulary If something “sucks,” it is bad, or even horrible.If you want to get her in the sack, just tell her that you love her. “To get a person in the sack” is a common way of saying to have sex with them. In this case, “the sack” refers to a bed.That’s how I was duped.

“To dupe” a person is to trick or fool them.What you need to do is learn how to press a girl’s buttons.

“To press a girl’s buttons” is a poetic way of saying to give her pleasure or please her, usually in a sexual sense.Let me give you a hint. A useful word for a small bit of advice, a suggestion or perhaps a bit of information that will help solve a problem or mystery.You mean an orgasm? — You got it, stud.

An “orgasm” is the word to use for a sexual climax. “You got it” is another way of saying you understand. A “stud” is a powerful and athletic man, or, as here, a term of affection. The big L or the big O. In this case, reference to Love or Orgasms.Dickhead. A silly insult word, but apparently still used among teenagers.What did you cocks do to him? A “cock” is a vulgar slang word for a penis, though it is rarely used as an insult word, like it is here.Yeah man, I think you need your balls reattached.

“Balls” are the most common way to refer to a man’s testicles. “To reattach something” is to reconnect it to something else.Hey, keep it down, dude. A common way of asking someone to speak quietly, or to be quiet.This place is an untapped resource.

Check it out.

If something is “untapped,” it is unused or unexploited. A “resource” can be a supply of something, in this case girls, that can be used when needed. “Check it out” is a way of telling a person to look at something, or perhaps to investigate it.You dipshit! You’re expecting to score with some goody goody choir girl priss.

“Dipshit” is another fun insult used by teenagers, but not often by others. A “goody two shoes” is a well known term for a person who has ridiculously high moral standards and thus doesn’t smoke, drink, or even swear. The expression above is much less common, though you should know a “choir” is a group of singers in a church or school, and a “priss” is also a slang word for a socially conservative person.I can work the sensitive angles here, fellas. Chris’ way of saying that he can appear like a sensitive man to the girls in the choir, because they don’t know him, and they can see that he is singing with great enthusiasm. Jim gets a sex lesson from his dad, Chris and Heather start to connect, Paul gets a “reputation,” and Kevin finds new ways to make Vicki happy.It’s been a long time since we had a father-son chat.

A good word for a brief conversation.This is the female form and they have focused on the breasts, which are used primarily to feed young infants. And also in foreplay.

In this case, “the female form” is simply womens’ bodies. “Foreplay” is the sexual activity, such as kissing and petting, that couples do before having sexual intercourse. Huster.

is a much more exotic magazine. Hustler is the name of a well known pornographic magazine. “Exotic” is usually used to describe distant and mysterious lands, not magazines like Hustler (although “erotic” concerns sex and love).They’ve decided to focus on the pubic region.

A medical way of referring to that part of the body that has the sexual organs.The whole groin region. Another word for the part of the body where the sexual organs are.Shaved.

Do you see the detail they go into? In many pornographic magazines, women who shave their public hair are quite popular.Yes, I know what a clitoris is! The small female sexual organ above the vagina where women experience most orgasms. An important wordand body part! I shouldn’t have gotten hot there. In this case, to “get hot” means to get angry.I’ll leave these books for you to peruse at your leisure.

“To peruse” a book (or magazine!) is to read it very carefully. To do something “at your leisure” is to do it when it is convenient for you.Safer than a tube sock.

A long sock that goes up to close to the knee.You know, Finch, it’s senior year Don’t you think it’s time to you learned to take a dump at school? “Senior year” is the 4th and final year of high school (and college). [You should know: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior] “To take a dump” is a crude way of saying “to go to the bathroom,” which is probably the best and safest way to express this concept.When was the last time you looked at the facilities in this school? A useful word for physical structures. In this case, the bathrooms.You’ve seen him in the locker room, right? A “locker room” is where students and athletes get dressed and shower for various games (A “locker” is a metal container for holding things).Is it true that, you know.he’s equipped? In this case, a way of asking if he is “equipped” with a big penis. “To equip” means literally to supply with tools or other equipment. The guy is huge.

— Does he have a date for the prom yet? A useful word meaning extremely big.Now you qualifyyou’ve just inherited the bible. “To inherit” something is to receive it as a gift, often from a person who has died or moved on. It originally started as a sex manual.

A book that teaches people on the best ways to have sex.Each year it got passed on to one student who was worthy.

“To pass on” something is to give it another person. “Worthy” is a popular word that means deserving.It’s full of all sorts of stuff that guys have added over the years. A widely used word for “things” in general.The state competition is a couple weeks away, so keep on it, OK? In this case, “the stare competition” is a singing contest between many schools in Michigan. “To keep on” something is to keep practicing it.So you’ve got this Frank Sinatra thing going on there. Sinatra was a famous Italian-American singer, and this is a colloquial way of saying that the person sounds or looks like him.Aren’t you supposed to be out trying to decapitate someone with your lacrosse stick or something? “To decapitate” a person means to cut off their head (Yuck!). “Lacrosse” is a field sport played with sticks and a small ball. “Oz, he’s the kick-ass lacrosse player” When used as an adjective, “kick-ass” means athletic or powerful.It really bothers me when people try to pigeonhole me like that. “To pigeonhole” a person is to stereotype them, or to see them as only belonging to one particular group of people (such as &#145stupid athletes’).Just because I don’t get drunk and barf every weekend, people say “there is this goody two shoes choir girl priss.” “To barf” is a slangy way of saying to throw up or vomit. Both a “goody two shoes” and a “priss” is a socially conservative person. I.hang out with friends and stuff.

“To hang out” is a very common phrasal verb meaning to pass time. Note that people often end sentences with “and stuff,” but this is filler that doesn’t really mean anything, and thus you should avoid it.It’s not what it looks like! A classic thing to say when you’ve been caught doing something that is very embarrassing (In reality, it usually is exactly what it looks like!)Just enjoying my first exhilarating lacrosse experience. Another word for very exciting.You kicked butt! — Oh, thanks. “To kick butt” is a very slangy way of saying to play well and win.I had this thoughtit may seem like it’s way out of left field.

If an idea is “way out of left field,” it is considered crazy or ridiculous.Just don’t expect Oz to pay for the limo.

Short for “limousine,” the long fancy cars that people rent for special occasions such as proms and other parties.I gotta hit the showers. Note that “hit” in this context means to take or use. Also note that “have got to” —-&gt”gotta” in rapid speech.I dig these cute little sweaters she wears. “To dig” something is a very slangy way of saying to like it a lot.You little horndog! A funny word for a person who always wants sex (i.e.who is &#145horny’).I was being selfish and majorly insensitive. A colloquial adjective that means very.I’m a total idiot, I mean a total baffoon.

An “idiot” is a very common word for a stupid person, and a “buffoon” is a silly or idiotic person who behaves like a clown. I’m a shithead and I want to make it up to you.

A “shithead” is another insult word used primarily by teenagers. “To make it up to” a person is to do something nice for them after having done something that was disliked or resented.Can you tell Vic to come down for supper? A somewhat old-fashioned word for dinner.I’m coming! Note that “to come” can mean to have an orgasm, and this, as in this scene, is often used as a play on words with two meaning. Jim gets his great chance with Nadia.and thanks to the internet, every student at the school gets to see what happens.I want to talk about masturbation.

The act of sexual enjoyment using one’s own hands.I used to calling it stroking the salami.

A ridiculous slang expression for masturbation “To stroke” is to pet or caress, and a salami is a type of Italian meat.Pounding the old pud Of course, I never did it with baked goods.

“To pound the pud” is another silly expression for masturbation (“To pound” is to forcefully hit, but &#145pud’ is not a word). “Baked goods” are foods that are baked in an oven, such as cakes and pies.Uncle Mort pinched the one eyed snake five or six times a day. Yet another ridiculous way of referring to masturbation! “To pinch” something is to squeeze it between your thumb and finger.Banging a tennis ball against a brick wall can be funbut it’s not a game. “To bang” a ball against a wall is to hit it forcefully.You want a partner to return the ball. Note that a “partner” can be a business associate, a friend, or a lover.Hal is going through a rite of passage, much like you all are. A “rite of passage” is a term for a challenge that people have done for generations, such as finishing high schoolor losing one’s virginity. Does your tongue cramp up? — No, you get kind of dizzy, though. If a body part “cramps up,” it becomes sore, stiff and difficult to move. “Dizzy” is an important word referring to the unpleasant feeling where you lose your balance and feel like the world is spinning around you.All right, class dismissed.

The words a teacher tells their students when the class is over. Still questing after the holy grail, huh guys? “To quest after” something is to try and find something with great effort. The “holy grail” is a well known expression for any object that has been sought after for a long time (literally, a sacred cup).He went home to take a shit.

Like “to take a dump,” vulgar and common (Again, it’s better to say “I have to go to the bathroom”).How does a guy like that get a sudden reputation? In this case, a “reputation” refers to the sudden and wide spread belief that Paul Finch is a great lover.I guess that leaves Jim trailing.

“To trail” others is to follow behind, often in the context of a race.You are just a jock.

No, wait, a jerk.

A “jock” is a widely used slang word for an athlete. A “jerk” is a very common way to describe an idiot, fool, moron, creep, etc I saw you making fun of me with your lacrosse buddies.

A “buddy” is another word for a friend.I wasn’t making fun of you. — Give me a break, you’re so full of it.

“Give me a break” is a great colloquial expression that is used when a person thinks the person they are speaking to is lying or saying nonsense. “You’re so full of it” also means “you are lying to me,” and is a gentler version of “you’re so full of shit.” Fuck me! There’s going to be an Eastern European chick naked in your house! A rare and vulgar way to express great surprise or emotion.What am I going to do? Broadcast her over the internet? “To broadcast” a program usually means to show it on TV or radio, but as you see here, the verb can now be used with the internet.Jim, get some fucking balls! A crude way of telling Jim to be brave or courageous (If a person “has balls,” they have shown a lot of courage).If you don’t have the guts to photograph a nakedchick, how are you going to sleep with her? “Guts” is the literal word for stomach intestines, but “to have guts” means to have courage. “To sleep with” a person is the least dangerous way of saying to have sex with them.Every shit-brick knows you should do it. A rarely used slang word for idiot, jerk, etc.All you’ve got to do is set up some private link on the net, and tell me the address. “To set up” something is to create it. A “private link” on the internet is usually a world wide web page that only a few people can get access to. I want to thicken up that solo Michigan State isthis Saturday and I want that part to smoke.

Here, “to thicken up” means to make it better, though this is never used. A “solo” is a singing performance by only one singer. And in this context, “to smoke” means to show great energy and life.Yeah, I know My timing is off.

In this case, “timing” is the ability to sing exactly at the right speed. If something is “off,” it is not being done well.I think it will work better as a duet with a tenor part. A “duet” is a song that is sung by two people. A “tenor” is a person with a certain style and deepness of voice (like a “soprano”).You can’t fake it You better practice. In this case, “to fake it” is to pretend that you are a great singer when you have not practiced enough to make it true.He’s a real bookworm, this kid. A person who spends many hours a day studying or reading books.He’s not one of those nerdy guys. A “nerd” is usually a socially awkward teenager with short hair and glasses who is good at math, but is the opposite of “cool.”Now we’re in business. In this case, a way of saying “Now exciting things will start to happen.”God bless the internet. A way of asking God to look after someone (or in this case, something), and more generally, a common way of expressing great appreciation.Stop hyperventilating! “To hyperventilate” is to breath much too quickly and deeply.She’s going through my stuff. — Nadia can touch anything she wants. “To go through” a person’s possessions is to look at and explore them.She’s going downstairs.

Another totally ridiculous way of saying to masturbate.Oh my god! — Jackpot, baby! A “jackpot” is the biggest money prize in a lottery or contest, or, as in this case, the occurrence of something that is great or wonderful.What am I supposed to do? — Seduce here! “To seduce” a person is a critical verb which means to romantically or sexually attract them.Oh boy, oh god, oh crap, oh no. Four ways to express excitement and nervousness (“Crap” is another word for shit).Looks like Jim addressed the email wrong It went out to every mailbox in the East High Directory.

A “directory” is a list of addresses, in this case email addresses. God, how juvenile.

As an adjective, “juvenile” is another word for childish or immature.That guy is in my trig class. Short for “trigonometry,” which is a type of mathematics.Shame on you! A common way of saying “You should be ashamed of yourself.”Now it is my turn to see you! Strip! “To strip” is to take off one’s clothes.What the fuck is this? A vulgar addition to WH questions, used to show emotion such as anger or excitement.Cut it out, man! A classic colloquial phrase that simply means “stop it!”Freak! A very strange or bizarre person.He just took out the chair. In this case, to “take out” the chair is to knock it down (A boxer can take out another boxer by knocking them to the ground).Oh yeah, I’m naughty, baby. An interesting adjective meaning disobedient or bad in behavior. Often used to describe children who misbehave.Houston, we have a problem. A famous line from the movie “Apollo 13,” now used in a joking manner when there is a big problem, especially involving technology.What did he do? — He blew it. “To blow” something is a very common way of saying to do something poorly, or completely unsuccessfully.Nadia, I got reserves.

An extra or still available amount of any kind of material.I do like your dirty magazines.

One way to refer to pornographic magazines. This is your more erotic risqu&eacute magazine. “Erotic” is an adjective referring to something sexual, or possibly related to love. “Risqu&eacute” means slightly scandalous and related to sex.They arouse me very much. “To arouse” a person is to sexually excite them. Jim meets Michelle, Chris chooses Heather over lacrosse, Kevin and Vicki struggle with their relationship.and Paul discovers the girl’s bathroom.Her sponsors saw it on the net. A sponsor for an international exchange student is the person or organization that pays for all of their expenses in the US.I can’t talk to girls, and when I do talk to them, I screw it up.

“To screw up” something is to do it very badly.At band camp, we had a pillow fight, and it was so much fun. A camp where members of a school musical band live together for several days or weeks in order to practice playing music.We just made it up and kept playing and playing, and the conductor didn’t know what we were doing. The person who directs a musical orchestra (with a stick called a bow).So, you’re pissed about something, huh? To be “pissed” (or pissed off) is to be very angry.When I’m angry, I just play some Bach on my flute.

Bach is a great German composer, and a “flute” is a long and narrow musical instrument.Sometimes I get cranky when I know I have a big test to study for. “Cranky” is a good word for upset or in a bad mood. My dad’s the manager. — Cool, tell him the subs are great. Short for a “submarine sandwich,” which is made on a long and narrow piece of bread, usually with different types of meats and cheeses.My parents want me to go to Northwestern, but I don’t want to write all those extra essays.

Northwestern is a well known University in Chicago. An “essay” is a formal piece of writing on a particular subject.When the U of M acceptance came in December, I just said the hell with it.

“The hell with it” is a way of saying “I don’t care anymore.”State’s got a good business school, and I could probably walk on to the lacrosse team. A reference to Michigan State University, which is not considered as good or prestigious as the University of Michigan.You’ve got it pretty figured out then. If you have something “figured out,” you know what you are going to do about it.Business is OK, and lacrosse is awesome, but A popular adjective which means great, excellent, etc. So were going to be close next year. — You mean East Lansing and Ann Arbor.

East Lansing is the home of Michigan State University, and Ann Arbor is the home of the University of Michigan (which, along with University of California at Berkeley, is the best public school in the US).I’m holding out for someone else. — You gotta be fucking kidding me! “To hold out” for another person is to continue to wait and see if you will be able to get them (or in this case, to go to the prom with them). “To kid” someone is to jokingly lie to them, or to make fun of them.I know it’s a long shot, but I figure Paul Finch might ask me. “A long shot” is a future event that is extremely unlikely to actually happen. You look OK. I mean the scars healed really well. A “scar” is a mark on the skin from an injury or surgery. “To heal” is to become healthy or get better over time. He’s still embarrassed because Finch kicked his ass.

“To kick a person’s ass” is to physically beat or defeat them.What do you mean, “no comment”?”No comment” are the two official words that a politician will tell areporter when they do not want to talk to the media about a subject.I said “Ok, pay me 200 bucks and I’ll tell acouple girls that you’re dynamite in bed.

” A “buck” is a very common way of saying a dollar. “Dynamite” is a type of explosive, but to be “dynamite in bed” is to be a great sexual partner.Naturally, I embellished a little bit. “To embellish” a story is to exaggerate or add a few things that are not actually true, in order to make the story more interesting.If you try that at MSU this Saturday, I’ll kick your ass. Michigan State University, where a big lacrosse game will take place.Heather, I’m sorry. I totally blew it. As you know, to “blow it” is to do something very poorly, but note that “totally” is preferred to “completely” as a teenager’s favorite adverb.I don’t think he’ll have a problem shitting in school anymore I slipped a little something in his mochachino. “To shit” is to go to the bathroom and poop. “To slip something in” a drink is to secretly add a small amount of an outside liquid. It’s just going to be some crappy band and stupid decorations. A strongly negative adjective meaning very bad, or of poor quality.Finch is going stag.

If a person “goes stag” to the prom, they go alone, without a date. He’s, like, so refined.

A person who is well educated and well behaved. Kev, we’ve come a really long way since homecoming.

The “homecoming dance” is the first big dance of the school year, which often takes place shortly after school starts in September.Vicki, love is a term that gets thrown around a lot. If a word is “thrown around” a lot, people are saying it without really thinking about what it means.Come on guys, huddle up.

When players on a football or lacrosse team “huddle up,” they join together in a tight circle, usually to talk about the game.It all boils down to today For you seniors, thismarks the culmination of the last four years. “It all boils down to” is a way of saying that the big events or big picture can all be summarized by this one thing. The “culmination” of something is its highest or final point. Christ, Ostretcher, I didn’t tell you to leave the game. Another of the “religious” filler words to express anger, frustration, etc.Does this mean that I’m not gonna get to do the duet? — Albert, you suck.

A very blunt and somewhat cruel way to tell a person they don’t have the skill or talent to do what they want (in this case, to sing).Yeah Oz, you fucking rule.

“To rule” is to govern or lead, but this is a very slangy way of saying “you’re the best.”He’s got a dick He’s a guy. Perhaps the most common slang word there is for a penis.I might end up doing it with some random guy who totally turns out to be a jerk. Remember that often in this film, to “do it” means to have sex. “Some random guy” is a person that just happens to be around, but who is not special in any particular way. You must be excited about the big night tonight. — Thrilled.

“Thrilled” means excited or very happy.I’m sure she is special if you picked her out of the whole bunch.

In this case, “the whole bunch” is a big group of people.Be very careful when you’re putting on the corsage.

A small bouquet of flowers that women wear on their dress. The prom finally arrives, and everyone has a great nightexcept for Sherman and Stifler.At band camp, we have dances like this, only there’s was funner.

Note that some native speakers will say “funner,” but “more fun” is more correct and sounds better. All right, status check.

Where do you guys stand? A “status check” is a quick review of the current condition of a person or perhaps of a project. The second sentence is basically asking how much progress has been made in their goal to have sex.Uh, my date is a flute-toting band dork Does that answer your question? A cruel but funny description. “To tote” something is to carry it. A “dork” is a nerd, or a strange or socially awkward or clumsy person.Kevin, what’s with the attitude? “Why are you so hostile or angry?”We’re in this together You can’t back out now. To “back out” of a plan or pact is to stop participating in it.I don’t have to do shit! An angry and vulgar way of saying “I don’t have to do anything.”I’m so sick and tired of this bullshit process I’venever even had sex and already I can’t stand it.

Note the use of “bullshit” as an adjective! A “process” is a series of actions designed to reach a particular goal. “I can’t stand it” is a very common way of saying “I hate it.”I’m not gonna stand here busting my balls over something that, quite frankly, isn’t that damn important. “To bust one’s balls” is a crude way of saying to work very hard. “Quite frankly” is another way of saying “honestly,” and is used when a person may say something that is awkward or embarrassing.I’m going to hang out with that geek over there because at least she has something else to talk about besides sex. “To hang out with” a person is to pass time with them. A “geek” is another funny slang word for a nerd, or a socially awkward, shy or clumsy person.I got something for you Consider it a consolation prize.

A “consolation prize” is the prize that is given to person who has lost the game or contest that they were playing.Let me clarify that you have no chance of scoring with me. “To clarify” is to make certain, or verify. As you know, “to score” in this film almost always means to have sex.We had one of those amazingly deep conversations where you really get to know someone. A conversation that is “deep” usually involves talk about important subjects such as philosophy or religion.He’s never had sex with anyone Once he triedto screw a grapefruit, but that’s all. “To screw” a person is a somewhat dated way of saying to have sex with them. He also told me that when he gets nervous, he sometimes wets his pants.

“To wet one’s pants” is to piss in them. Note that babies will, unfortunately, also wet their beds.I’m on the brink I’m just about to do it and I should be psyched.

“To be on the brink” of doing something is to be just about to do it. To be “psyched” about something is a colloquial way of saying to be very excited or happy about it.Are your stories gross or something? Like guy stuff.

“Gross” is a widely used word that means disgusting, repulsive or perhaps very offensive. In this context, “guy stuff” is likely to be graphic conversation about sexYou guys are gonna fuck, aren’t you?! Fuckers! Fuckers! “To fuck” is obviously a very crude and common way of saying to have sex, but you would normally never call a person who is simply having sex a “fucker,” since that word is used only as a very vulgar insult.This isn’t the best way to proposition me. In this context, “to proposition” a person is to ask them to have sex, although it often means to propose an agreement about any subject. Coach was giving us this speech about not slacking off when you see the opportunity to score. “To slack off” is to relax and stop trying after working hard. Note that in this sentence, to score actually refers to a lacrosse game, and not sex!This may sound a little bit corny, but I feel like I’ve already won. If something is “corny,” it is too sentimental, romantic or innocent.Thank you for letting us have this wonderful party. — As if there was an alternative in the matter. The second sentence is Stifler’s mom’s way of saying “I had no choice.”Enjoying yourself? — I’m three sheets to the wind, mam. An interesting colloquial way of saying to enjoy oneself, though for the record, I had never heard this expression before this film.It takes the edge off, doesn’t it? If a drink “takes the edge off,” it relaxes you.That is what the cretins drink. A “cretin” is an interesting word for a complete idiot or moron (It isn’t the same as the word for people from Crete, who are cretans).Single malt? — Aged 18 years, the way I like it. A “single malt” is a type of scotch liquor. Note the play on words in the second sentence.You know it’s a bitching party The stiff man always comes through in the clutch.

“Bitching” is an old-fashioned adjective meaning good or more colloquially, cool. If a person “comes through,” they succeed at accomplishing something that was badly needed, and if they come through “in the clutch,” they succeed just a the moment it was most needed (The “stiff man” is Stifler’s way of referring to himself).And then he just puked his brains out! — That is a nasty story. “To puke” is to throw up or vomit, and if you puke “your brains out,” you do it a lot. “Nasty” means unpleasant and gross, or possibly very graphic in a sexual context.Spin the bottle. A silly game in which players end up having to tell each other their most intimate secrets.Like normal style.the missionary position.

The term for the most common sexual position, with the man on top of the woman.Pussy. A cat, of course, and a somewhat crude term for female sexual organs. This word is very cleverly used at this point in the film.What? You don’t think I know how to get myself off? A grammatically fascinating phrasal verb! “To get oneself off” is to be able to give oneself an orgasm through masturbation.That’s what half of band camp is—-sex ed.

A common abbreviation for “sex education.”So, are we gonna screw soon, cause I’m getting kind of antsy.

“Antsy” is a excellent little adjective that means impatient or nervous.I have two rubbers Wear them both, since it will desensitize you. A “rubber” is the most common way of referring to a condom, the birth control that men wear during intercourse. “To desensitize” a person is to make them less sensitive, or in this case, to make them less able to fully enjoy sex. I don’t want you coming so damn early this time. Remember that “to come” is to have an orgasm. “Damn” is a crude but common filler word that expresses anger or frustration.You’re a sure thing.

A person that can be counted on, in this case to be available. So, would you object if I said you were quite striking? If a person is physically “striking,” they are beautiful or very sexy. Note the song “Mrs. Robinson” is playing in the background, which is about a woman who has a sexual affair with a much younger man.Say my name, bitch! A “bitch” is a very vulgar word for a mean or unpleasant woman. With me going to Ann Arbor and you going to Ithaca, it’s not going to work, is it? Ann Arbor is a town in Michigan where the University of Michigan is, and Ithaca is a town in New York where Cornell University is located.I was used! Cool! In this context, to be “used” means to be sexually used.Of course, I have no basis for comparison, but it was good. A “basis for comparison” is the ability to compare two or more things, usually based on experience or use.To the next step! Here, a way for the guys to toast the next period or part of their lives.