50 Thesis

50 thesis statements
1. Information tech
2. Travelling abroad
3. The world food production
4. Unemployment among school leavers
5. The basic causes of crime rate in Vietnam
6. The world changing climate
7. The world population
8. Schools and universities in Vietnam (Classification)
9. The image of teacher in students’ mind
10. The spread of AIDS
11. Social evils
12. Wild animals
13. The gap between the rich and the poor (cause and effect)
14. Eating vegetable and fruit (advantages and disadvantages)
15. Living alone (advantages and disadvantages)
16. Forests (Cause and effect)
17. In danger species (classification)
18. How to get a driving license (process)
19. The personalities of one person
20. Housing problem in Vietnam (Cause and effect)
21. Friends (classification)
22. Oceans (cause and effect, classification)
23. How to make traditional Vietnamese tea (process)
24. To be good at learning English (process)
25. Writing an outline (process)
26. Drinking (advantages and disadvantages)
27. Smoking cigarettes (cause and effect)
28. Water pollution
29. Cheating in exams (cause and effect)
30. High hypocrisy among leaders nowadays
31. Driving fast
32. Joining the army (cause and effect)
33. Land pollution
34. Playing sports and games
35. Virus A H5N1 (cause and effect)
36. Road accidents (cause and effect)
37. Watching too much TV (cause and effect, advantages and disadvantages)
38. Using the Internet (advantages and disadvantages)
39. How to keep fit
40. Bird flu (cause and effect)
41. Leaning English at MSA (advantages and disadvantages)
42. Natural disasters (classification, cause and effect)
43. Traffic accidents in Hanoi (classification, cause and effect)
44. Rising divorce rate (cause and effect)
45. Quality of learning and teaching English at MSA (cause and effect, argument)