1984- Outline

Section 1
Winston Smith lives London, Oceania, by himself and Big Brother is always watching him.

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Winston works for records department.

While working one day, Winston meets Julia- a woman whom he believes is his enemy little did he know they would fall in love.

Winston and Julia meet and have intercourse on the countryside and begin to aspire their plan against the party and big brother.

Winston and Julia want to get out and be together and not be punished for having the feelings they have towards on another.

O’Brien gives Winston a copy of “The Book” written by the boss of the brotherhood- Emanuel Goldstein; the book had everything about the brotherhood and what they were all about.

Winston & Julia are caught and brought into the custody of Big Brother and the party reading the book together…

O’Brien visits Winston in a cell in jail.

Winston finds out the O’Brien was never his friend he only acted like it to get information to one day punish him for all the rules he had broken; Julia was also apart of capturing Winston. Winston is taken to room 101- The Ministry of Love where prisoners are taken to face their worst fears- in Winston’s case… rats.

When it came down to facing his fear he screamed “No! Do it to Julia!” In the end the War was won and Winston now loved Big Brother.

Section 2
In 1984, the setting is Oceania at a time where the government has taken over and nobody has any freedom.

Section 3
Quote 1:
This is one of the main quotes throughout the novel that I remember the most. Each line could mean different things by people looking at them differently.
Quote 2:
“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”
This quote is basically talking about how big brother controls everything. Big Brother can do whatever he wants in the past to affect the future.

Section 4: